ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE…mom of 3 wearing an evening gown shows up with…

love 5.jpg

I sliced 1/3 of my fingernail off my thumb the other day. I was attempting to separate the rind of a watermelon from its outer shell and voila, a clean slice right through the nail and claiming a small infentesimal peice of flesh from my nail bed. And might I say, it is quite amazing that such a small piece of flesh can cause so much intense pain. It really is something.

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I looked up nail bed injuries online and read that my nail most likely won’t grow back for 6 months. I immediately went to the pharmacy, purchased iodine, thanks to my friend Elena, and two bottles of hair, skin and nail vitamins.

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I hope no-one asks me to a major black-tie event within the next 6 months cause this girl is all about the band aid!!! And a band-aid just doesn’t accessorize well with a fancy evening gown. Although I could wear one of those thumb thingies sewers use to protect their thumbs. They are usually silver. Well, if I am asked to a major black-tie event, I will have something in my arsenal!!

love 6.jpgSo there you go…ask away!

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