I have wanderlust in the worst way.

jaws 49.jpg Yes, we just returned from a 3-week vacation in Tennessee and Michigan. 2,984 miles in the comfort and convenience of a mini-van. Your probably asking yourself, “Is there such a thing as comfort and convenience of a mini van“, but for the sake of this particular rant, lets agree that a mini-van is a lot more comfortable and convenient when you have 3 kids.

Yet I am still willing to hop in our trusty mini-van and go the distance.

jaws 47.jpgAnd I cannot fully explain these issues I have but suffice it to say, I am feeling spontaneous. spontaneity and wanderlust mixed together makes quite a pair.

jaws 46.jpg I have been living with sponteniety-wanderlust disease my whole life. It is extremely difficult to suppress my desires. I have tried multiple times, only to have the desires of my SW disease resurface within a month or two…or three.

four at the most.

jaws 45.jpg

No matter how many months pass, the desire returns. It is ever-present just sitting and dwelling within me. If I had to express the disease in visual terms, I guess it would be akin to a can of tennis balls. Once you open the lid, a desire (tennis ball) flies out and consumes me and everyone in my presence. When the desire has been filled, I can put the lid back on.

jaws 44.jpgSo for now, I wake up everyday…make the kids breakfast, lunch and dinner. Somewhere in between we do some schoolwork and find time to enjoy all the amenities our little beach town offers. And we will most likely keep up these daily routines until…

jaws 43.jpg…I cannot contain my desires any more.

jaws 42.jpg

Sooner or later, I am going to have to take my lid off.

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