ONE HUNDRED THIRTY THREE…an ending in pictures

The last week of our 3-week hiatus included an adventurous, rocking and might I add “freezing” night on a boat,

jaws 29.jpgjaws 28.jpgjaws 24.jpgjaws 23.jpgjaws 22.jpgjaws 21.jpgjaws 20.jpgjaws 19.jpg

5 amazingly fun and very different playgrounds,

MI blg9 MI blg3 MI blg48 MI blg47 jaws 30.jpg

jaws 35.jpgjaws 34.jpgjaws 33.jpgjaws 32.jpgjaws 31.jpgAn amazing garden filled with beautiful purple flowers,

MI blg10

Page-01jaws 26.jpgPage-01jaws 27.jpg‘Moomers’ the famous ice cream parlor in Traverse City, where strangely enough, we ended up almost every night after dinner,

jaws 2jaws 25.jpg

MI blg17 MI blg16 MI blg12 MI blg13 MI blg14BBB MI blg15 MI blg7 MI blg5 MI blg4 MI blg6 MI blg1

And for this trip, that’s all she wrote. And yes, that is Cecilia sleeping with one eye open.

jaws 17.jpg

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