ONE HUNDRED THIRTY…short and sweet

MI trip 1It’s so easy for us to put everything down and dash away for the week. Or two weeks. Or in our current case, three weeks.

mm1It’s a lot of fun to be so flexible and mobile.

mm3We are on the road now heading home to our nice typical scorching hot weather. The cold weather was brutal in both Tennessee and Michigan. For a ‘classic over-packer’ such as myself, I was sorely unprepared for the drastic contrast in temperature in both areas.

mm4Page-01So hot weather will be nice for a change.

mm5I have so many memories to record, stories to tell and pictures to share.

Page-01As soon as I sift through my 3,000 photos, I plan on sharing.

Page-01But for now, here are some fun pictures from 4 weeks ago.

Happy Friday!

MI trip 1b

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