ONE HUNDRED TWENTY NINE…beach, acrobatics and hidden talents

aabb2I have fully adopted the southern beach lifestyle…I really don’t call it summer until,

1. the water hits the perfect 83/84 degree temperature

2. the tourists have all gone home and therefore the beaches are less crowded with grumpy unknown faces

3.  the tourists have all gone home and therefore the beaches are completely crowded with beautiful happy smiling faces

4. the smell of sunscreen permeates every fibrous tissue of my little girls’ beings

and lastly

5.  my little beach-loving girls hang around the house in their swim suits all day begging to go to the beach!

The past 2 weeks we have been almost everyday! Sometimes we go in the morning for a nice morning walk, sometimes just the girls and I go in the morning till lunchtime and sometimes we go for an evening walk after dinner. We really can’t get enough of it lately…


Abby is all about cartwheels and handstands right now. She has started the round off stage and the front walk-over into a backbend. I just sit and watch her. I keep thinking to myself, “I use to do that stuff. I used to be so flexible.” Watching her flip over and try for hand stands is contagious. I really had to fight the urge to get out of my comfy beach chair and hoist my legs up in the air for a handstand…in a two-piece no less. But then I looked around and saw all sorts of people and consequently didn’t feel confident any of them could,

a.  carry me off the beach…to my car…because I would most certainly sustain some sort of injury….probably a herniated disc or two, because I am a feeble 38-year-old,

b. Pack up my beach gear (it takes 10 minutes…which is a long time in the sun with whining toddlers begging to be carried and none of them wanting to ‘help’ carry the enormous inter-tubes they begged me to bring),

and finally but most importantly,

c. get the kids back to the car in one fail swoop.

So, lucky for beach goers and my little inmates, my “hey I think I can still do a pretty rad cart-wheel” was transient. Rightly so. When we returned from the beach, I quietly snuck out onto the back porch and attempted a handstand (against the wall in case I wasn’t as good as I once was). I can still do it. Although, as soon as I stood up I became light-headed and ever-so-gently leaned on the wall until my vision returned to normal. And then almost as if my body was trying to remind me of my age, my back began to feel a little sore. The soreness lasted until the next morning.

That’s ok. I am a 38-year-old mother of 3. I don’t need to do handstands, front walk-overs into backbends or even cartwheels anymore. I will just stick with my exercises that keep my feet somewhat close if not directly on the ground and all will be good. I will leave the acrobatics to our girls.


Speaking of packing up the car with toys and kids to go to the beach, it’s always interesting to see what kinds of comments we will receive that day. While we are gathering our crew and luggage to go out to the beach from the car, we are always greeted by someone who is impressed with our…LOAD. I often get the, “Can I help you?” or “Oh wow, you’ve got your hands full” or my personal favorite, “You think you’ve got enough stuff?”…Honestly, thank you for making me feel as though I look as ridiculous as I feel.

PLEASE, SPARE ME…people. We have the same amount of stuff everyone else does, we just have 3 kids and one who won’t walk to the beach on her own. So it looks like we have more stuff than everyone else…but I’ve checked and scouted all those around us. I am actually proud of myself, I really only take what we need. These ‘commentators’ of our lives should have seen me 2 years ago with an infant in a car seat, a fully loaded beach cart and a toddler who wouldn’t walk on her own. THAT was something to see.

Never-the-less, we always get the comments. I am coming to terms with it though, I have noticed those who make the pithy remarks are usually male and happen to be out-of-towners. It always makes me wonder who does the packing in their house. When they get to their destination are they happy to have all of the necessities or are they secretly wishing  for the thing that was not packed. Food for thought.


So we are full on beach goers and it is early in the season. We have declared it Beach Fest 2015 spring/summer edition. The fact that we homeschool is an added bonus, because during the week, we usually get there early enough to find front row parking, the best spot on the sand and we get home in time to resume our studies!

Attitude of Gratitude today folks and as always, loving where we live!

Sayonara from an upright position.

And my back is still aches…5 days later.

2 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED TWENTY NINE…beach, acrobatics and hidden talents

  1. We too love our beach when the crowd has disappeared. Bruce and I rent out the cottage at Chincoteague during season and enjoy the off season ourselves. Summer finds us in the mountains and setting up for farmer’s market each Saturday with plants, eggs, and some wood stuff Bruce makes. As always, love your stories.

    ps: after reading your post, my 53 year old self tried a cartwheel. Remarkably, I can still pull it off, however, the stress incontinence kicked in and that was the end of that. I believe I’ll leave the acrobatics to the younguns as well!

    • Chincoteague…I used to vacation there and have so many great memories of the area. When we did our road trip in September of 2014 we went through there again. It was dark and rainy this time and we were trying to make it to NC at a reasonable hour. So unfortunately we didn’t stop. But it looked just as charming and beautiful as it did when I was younger. You are too funny and I loved that you too tried a cartwheel. This getting old business is for the birds!!!

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