ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN…I am a broken sprinkler system

I have had more people come up to me this week in public places to tell me 1. to enjoy my kids while they are so young and 2. How quickly the time goes a2a3 I get an earful each time we venture out of the house, but I have gotten a double dose this week. I am thinking I either look 1. miserable with my torn hat and sourpuss face on, 2. worn out from lack of sleep, or least likely 3. completely overjoyed. a6 a1A week ago, I was in rare form. Getting to bed early every night, waking up early in the morning for my usual morning workouts, homeschooling was fun and effortless and I was  uber productive in the evening. Arguably the best week I have had in a long time. And then I happened upon a review of a show I’ve been curious about. The review was positive and I mentioned to Greg, “hey wanna give this show a try?”. And there-in lies my demise. It has been a while since we have done any binge-watching. “I can handle it” I said to myself “I have a crap-ton to do and really can’t get involved in a show right now…I can stop and probably won’t even like it anyway”… famous last words. It’s not earth shattering or game-changing. My life is not “more full” because of the show. Never-the-less I woke up this morning with bags under my eyes and a sink full of dishes. I am back to my Blob-like existence. a5a9   What’s that saying…”the days were so long but the years went by so fast”? I’m sure I butchered it…but it goes something like that. I am feeling it this week. I am getting antsy…I need a different scene. I need to bust out. We all need a break from the ‘University Casa Spranger’. More likely than not, we will just keep sputtering on like a broken sprinkler system that only goes halfway around and then repeats its cycle of watering the pavement while completely missing the grass. Season 1 down…3 more to go. So I will be mentally unavailable for the next 2 weeks.

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