ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX…sisters and their acrobatic dolls

126 dOn Thursday Abby, Phoebe and I met my sister at good ole’ Yeehaw Junction. The girls were going to spend a couple of nights with her. Their plans included visiting the American Girl Store for an afternoon of tea, a visit to the Science Museum, a wall painting activity and swimming in my sisters pool.


Greg and I secretly laughed at the American Girl Tea because of the spirited girl Phoebe is ESPECIALLY¬†with her American Girl doll, Kit. We had this image of all these sweet little girls calmly having tea with their sweet mothers/grandmothers and then there’s Phoebe. We heehawed at the thought of Phoebe announcing her dolls gymnastic routine where she flings the doll wildly in the air flipping her several times and unfortunately missing her dismount by a hair inch with an unfortunate head bang on the edge of the tea-table. Horrifying the demure little girls and their mothers and embarrassing my lovely unassuming sister. I guess it didn’t go quite like that, lucky for Lisa.

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Their 2 days were packed with educational and crafty events and luckily for me, gave me some much-needed/appreciated alone time with Cecilia. We played at the beach together, played in her little paddling pool in the backyard, played in her playroom, watched a movie and ate popcorn together, visited the dermatologist together, sang songs together, cuddled together…she let me take pictures of her and little videos of her shaking her groove thing, ate out together, went goody shopping at Target together. She is a ton of fun right now…and she is a ton of work right now. Miss Sassy is really asserting her independence these days.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day who also happens to have 3 girls and she said the most interesting thing to me…she said she was always amazed to see her oldest daughter playing with other girls who were the youngest in their sibling line-up because her oldest daughter seemed so easily swayed by these younger and seemingly ‘worldly’ girls. And now she watches her youngest daughter play with Abby (who is my oldest) and how ‘worldly’ her youngest seems

…and not always in a good way.

126 b

It made me think of little Cecilia…does she seems worldly to me?

126 gI have noticed how she slyly sneaks chips or other snacks off her sisters plates as they are looking the other way. Greg and I just sit and watch her…she is very formulaic about the whole thing…she waits until Phoebe is talking with Abby and she very quietly puts her little fingers on a chip and ever-so-gently slides it off the plate and pops it into her mouth completely undiscovered by Phoebe. Or for instance, the way she sneaks into the her sisters bedroom while they are enveloped in their babydoll dramas and sneaks the most important toy out of the room because she knows they will chase her around the house as soon as they discover the said item has gone missing. Or when she is on the dressing table and I am about to change her diaper and she quickly kicks the new diaper off the table and does her belly laugh and then makes her kiss face to call a truce.

126 f

Yes, I would say Cecilia is worldly.

She has her awesome, spirited sisters to learn from and emulate.

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