It is Friday the 13th. One day before Valentines Day. Greg and I left the kids with Busha and Grandpa and headed due West to Sarasota. We were ready for the ULTIMATE 4 day vacation. I have been dreaming of sleeping in late, lying in a bed of extra fluffy down comforters, an abundance of soft pillows, lying peacefully on the beach listening to those waves crashing and seagulls yelling while drifting in and out of sleep.TR16 (1 of 1)-2

It was lovely to wake up this morning to the sunshine filling our room and taking in the beauty of the ocean views. It was so sunny and I checked my weather app for the temp; it was a cool 52 degrees. And so far warmest it will get today will be a scalding 62 degrees. Not exactly the bathing suit clad weather I was hoping for. So ok, I can do some window shopping today or go visit the Salvador Dali museum with Greggy. “Hey let’s go grab a coffee and see what kind of trouble we can get into” I say to Greg. As we are sipping our specialty drinks we are sitting in a slightly busy intersection , Greg put his car into park and the car just stopped running. PANIC! Greg and a very nice police officer push as I steer the car to a side-road. AWESOME! So at 12:15 we are sitting in a garage just hangin round until we can get our alternator fixed. Great start to a quiet calm peaceful vacation. I just can’t help but think, it wouldn’t be a true vacation if everything went smooth. What fun would that be? What fun stories would we share with our friends and family.

Luckily I brought my camera, computer and a lot of reading magazines/books. People make fun of me for my ‘load’ I carry around, but you never know when your going to be stuck and bored! Along with the amazing 90’s grunge alternative the garage is boasting on its boom box, we have nice faux-leather couches and a granite coffee table to prop our feet on. Neither of us have any responsibility or obligations to attend to so we are free to read our magazines, books, surf the internet, blog, and take pictures. The time will pass quickly. The amount of money we will owe on our car repair weighs a little on my mind, but  at least it’s just the alternator and not the transmission. Later I am hoping for an early dinner with an early movie!

IMG_0154-2The vacation can only go up from here…right?



2 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FOUR… vacation blues

  1. These are the vacations of memories, the ones spent in the grungy garage, the ones that take you away from what you imagined. I remember our trip to pick up a trailer my husband purchased from I did not want to drive all that way to some state vehicle yard, spend time there while he checked tires and brakes and repaired whatever it took to get us back on the road again. A wasted day, I thought. I much rather stay at home a do laundry, dishes, clean closets, anything but trailers, anything but heavy equipment! (My husband has a fetish for heavy equipment) Well, that trek took us to a side road where we were looking for a bite to eat. Best seafood I ever had, and a walk on a deserted beach that I will remember forever. I love your stories and look forward to each of them.

    • Likewise Train Whistle! Oh those opportunities we would miss if we didn’t keep an open mind! The whole time, I kept thinking how sad it would have been if we hadn’t been together. I almost stayed in the room while he went to grab a coffee. So glad I didn’t! And like you, we found an amazing sushi place because of it!!! Such luck!!!

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