ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THREE…I will dance and you will watch me dance

There are so many fun songs out right now…and Cecilia is all about dancing. Who am I kidding, we are all about breaking it down! I will be in the only room in the house I can’t seem to get out of, otherwise known as the kitchen (da da da) doing whatever it is that keeps me in there all day, when Cecilia tugs on my shorts and says, “music Boppy!!” She calls me Boppy! I love it.

jan 10

I turn on our little Bose speaker and blast ‘Broncho’ by Class Historian and she immediately starts shakin’ those little hips, waving her arms in the air, twirling and singing along. I just watch her cause she’s so stinking cute.jan 3

And then when the song ends she stands completely still until she hears that sweet beginning of Houses song, ‘soak it up’ and then she starts her little routine all over again. Sometimes I join in with her but she usually presses her hand against my legs and says, “no Boppie”.

jan 6

When I stop she starts up again. Obviously preferring her outrageous moves over my own. jan 11

The other night while I was slaving away in the kitchen prepping dinner and what do you know, WHAM (one of my all-time favorite 80’s bands) came on Pandora with their delicious 80’s anthem ‘Wake Me Up’.  She promptly  ordered me to “dance Boppie”. Right then and there something juvenile came over me and I started twirling like her and bouncing my head up and down she stopped and stared for a minute or so and then promptly put her hand on my leg and said, “no Boppie”. So I stopped. She continued. Rightly so.

jan 12I probably scared her. My hair was down and probably flying all over the place. Reminds me of the time I met my friends son Logan for the first time. My hair was down and I thought it would be fun if I tickled him so I put my arms out and ran like a wildebeest over to him and he began to cry. Luckily Stephanie (my friend and Logan’s mom) ran to her frightened son and laughingly explained what he saw…it went something like, “here you are, with your curly hair down and flowing free and running to him with this crazed look on your face…he’s never met you before…” Logan like Cecilia prefers me on a calm subdued level. Good thing Stephanie knows me so well and we are such good friends, she and I laugh about it to this day. Poor Logan, I probably traumatized him.

jan 5I probably traumatize my Cecilia on a daily basis. I can’t help it though. I love music and I can’t always wear a hat. One of my New Years resolutions was to wear my baseball cap less this year and try other things like ponytails or buns. But those would require me to do a little something to my face before I leave the house…throwing on a baseball cap releases me of all my ‘societal obligations’ of putting my self together. I can just throw on my sunglasses and go. So needless to say thjan 9e New Years resolution went out the door fairly quickly this year. My other New Years resolution was so listen to new Pandora stations…so far it’s working out. I really can’t get past the Beach Fossils station but I am making an effort. The girls like the Beach Fossils almost as much as I do, so no-one is ever yelling at me to turn the station. However, we are beginning to hear some of the same songs over and over. And that’s where WHAM comes into play. Really though, I cannot listen to WHAM and not dance. So I have to delete that station from my account, because I really cannot control myself. Those 80’s synthesizers really make me feel invincible. I don’t know what I would do if Depeche Mode were to come on…Or more to the point, what Cecilia would do. I shudder to think!

jan 7But clearly I am only allowed to dance when Cecilia grants me permission to do so. Secretly I think maybe she is helping me maintain my ‘coolness’ while I am aging. Thank goodness someone is watching out for me. I believe I am reaching that ‘stage’ in life where I am not as concerned with what others think of me…sort of like those little old ladies wearing their hair rollers, light pink night night gowns and pink slide-on slippers at the grocery store who say exactly what’s on their mind regardless of who might be listening in. I am beginning to identify with that general population…after all, I recently turned 38.

So because of my little WHAM incident, we are now trying out stations like braziliian music mixed in with of course, the much preferred Beach Fossils station. Although I do confess, most of those songs also make me want to break out my classic moves, but I can restrain myself for the most part. “What’s the reason” you ask? It’s simple: I don’t hear synthesizers with any of the current music…

If I did, it would be a whole other story.

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    • I know they are. I cannot believe how long their hair is getting, how tall their little legs and torso’s are getting, they all used to be cute round and chubby and now they are tall string beans. I am trying to freeze time!!!

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