I turned 38 years old 20 days ago.


My husband and I have a continual dialogue about our dreams which almost always include travel of some sort. Occasionally I dream out-loud about photography equipment and encourage him to fantasize about a new surf board. But for the most part, we are both nomads at heart.


In September we returned from our 3 week RV trip to Maine. I was ready to come home. I was ready to spread out and have my own laundry room, my own really really hot shower, be in my own kitchen, go to bed and wake up without disrupting the kids and their sleep…really there were so many things I was anxious to get back to.

2b now the holiday’s have come and gone, Greg and I are both a year older, spring is around the corner and I am ready for a new adventure!

mpix 15 In the past two weeks, we have been to a boat show and an RV show. My head is exploding with dreams of whisking our little inmates away for another RV adventure. I know a little more than I did before and I am ready to give it another go.

Page-01But before we escape with our little inmates, Greg and I are going to escape alone to the Keys. I have been making plans for our little adult alone time excursion and they look a little something like this…

1. I will go to bed at 11:00 pm  and wake up at…11:00 am.

2. I will eat a nice uninterrupted breakfast and then take cat naps all day on the beach

3. I will wake up from my catnap on the beach around 4:30 and Greg and I will prepare ourselves for a dinner in which we will communicate with one another in a nice fluid manner. There will be no tugging on shirt sleeves accompanied by endless, “mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Are you listening to me? Mommy!”  there will be no dropping of little plastic plates on the ground, throwing plastic drink cups across the table, little inmates randomly falling out of chairs and tiny little cries of “I don’t like this meal!”

4. We will then proceed to either go 1. sightseeing, 2. to a movie, 3. or take a quiet leisurely walk along the beach.


I am counting down the days…

It won’t be a long weekend, but it will be a much-needed weekend. I promise to enjoy every minute of my free time. SOAK IT UP!

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