ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ONE….dog beds and crafting do not mix

I have one weeks worth of the most random photos I have ever taken…

I hope you enjoy…blog10I’m getting rid of my Pinterest account.

blog5It’s a reminder of all the cute fun crafty stuff I want to make but ultimately suck at.

I am feeling extra festive this year. So festive in fact, I feel the need for crafting! I have several boards on Pinterest and I always think of my sister-in-law, Angie who is excellent at this stuff. It takes me a while to become ‘good’ at anything crafty. I have an obsessive personality and will work until I conquer some secret level I never reveal to anyone or myself…and once I reach that arbitrary level, I am all good to move on to the next craftastic adventure.

blog4My sister-on-law who is my ‘how to make something your own and make it beautiful’ inspiration and model, recently said something that I am finding out to be true. She said, she finds all these amazing crafts on Pinterest and buys all the supplies, gets home and starts/finishes the project and ultimately she is so dissatisfied with them all. My sentiments exactly. I keep seeing these adorable felt Christmas Trees and I love them, they are cute and whimsical; bottom line…they would look great in our home….but seriously!…who has that kind of time to make those ten thousand infinitesimal little cuts and paste them all onto this cone using a glue gun. Who cares…let’s go out and spend that $50.00 on the crafty items, I will MAKE THE TIME to do this incredibly cute craft!!!

Oh wait, I’ve been cutting for 3 hours now and I only have 10 little pieces?

That’s it?

3 hours?

This is going to take FOREVER!

Forget this!

See ya later felt and styrofoam Christmas tree!!!

And then I got this brilliant idea to make my own…

1. door wreath, with rope and starfish and was actually turning out pretty good, until the kids got a hold of it and broke it in three places.


I had another brilliant idea to…

2. decorate the outside trees with small, medium and giant-sized blue balls…(that’s what she said)…which ultimately looked absolutely ridiculous

blog2and then the awesome idea to let the kids get in on the crafting with the…

3. buying the kids those small furry balls and gluing them onto styrofoam  wreaths…which  I ended up making myself, because if they can’t hold the dangerous glue gun, then what fun is it?

So I am officially not putting any more money this year towards crafting. I am sad, but at least I have my night time freedom back.


oh, and then of course this happened…

4. My husband, bless his heart, he was trying to be helpful when he took it upon himself to  “clean up” my email folders. Now I am in desperate need of an order number to this enormous dog bed I bought Bear for Christmas this year….I need to track it!

Track that 90 lb dog bed.

Is it coming!?

Is it in the State of Florida?

Will someone need to sign for it?

I have no idea because the f$k@bh email with the order number was DELETED.

blog7ahhh, tis the season.

Let the holiday stress begin…blog3

…and the dog bed arrived.

Guess I don’t need that order number anymore.

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