ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN…we got this! seriously! we got this!#$%!??!! Part 5

So just to recap on the trip thus far, (NOTE: this section of Part 5 is inspired by Bear Hands, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem and Bombay Bicycle Club) we have learned 7 Extremely valuable lessons about RV camping;

  1. Seatbelts ALWAYS…even in a 300 square foot home on wheels
  2. Rethink the ‘dog comes with us on the vehicle’ decision if said dog doesn’t prefer vehicles
  3. Plastic gates for small children can prove invaluable
  4. sleeping bags in lieu of bed sheets is the best choice
  5. realistic expectations needed for young children ages 3,4 and 7 are a must
  6. Invest in a GPS
  7. RV trip to Maine, no matter the difficulties, is a MUST! 7. B almost all showers are GROSS.

Without further ado, I bring you the last but perhaps most insightful portion of our RV trip…


 And we have discovered Kennebunkport, ME. Absolutely the most picturesque place on the planet. A9 C9 Agh Kennebunkport with your cedar shake siding, American flags, beautiful beaches, quaint downtown restaurants and fall foliage…I swoon! Kennebunkport has my heart for exactly 4 months out of the year and I could absolutely live there during the months of July, August, September and October.

Abby and Phoebe couldn’t wait to be in the cold and have to wear their jackets and jeans…but as soon as we stepped outside, the girls were ready to go right back in. “We miss the warm weather and the beach!” they cried. Cecilia was loving it! Of course she preferred to cuddle tight against myself or Greggy, which doesn’t bother me at all. But she was a trooper. The sisters got used to it and eventually started putting their snow beanies, rain boots and jackets on the little couch as they came in from the outside so they knew where they were. And why not?

Inside, outside, inside, outside and then inside again.

I have entered a realm with Abby and Phoebe where I can just be a spectator and sit on the sidelines just in case someone needs something. It’s really nice.

D9 E9 F9 G9 K9 L9 M9 N9 O9TACOS!!!!

EAT HERE if you are ever in the Kennebunkport area, but only if you like amazing food. If not, then skip this place for sure!

TACOS people!!!


So there was one small issue with Kennebunkport; the town really doesn’t support RV parking…ANYWHERE. Our visit was limited to the beach and I made a point to whip around the coastal town in this 30 foot mammoth to try to get as many pictures of the landscape and architecture as I could. But DAMN those streets are tight.



Good thing it was early in the morning and there weren’t that many people out and about, cause we could have had a lot of problems! I’m a shoulder huger normally and you would think that as much as I drove that beast around I would have gotten used to knowing where my ‘middle of the road’ feeling was, but that was not the case! I would be driving and trying to glance in my side mirrors to get an idea of whether or not I was in the middle. Honestly it felt as though I was taking up my lane and then some. Is it possible Kennebunkports’ roads are narrower than the average…maybe in hopes to discourage monstrosities like ours? Something to think about.

Onward HO…

aaaAlmost done 7 Page-01 Greg was happy, he got to surf on the coldest place on the planet. Good for you Gregory Kenneth. Glad it was you!

Sadly, Kennebunkport was the last stop on our Maine excursion. We said goodbye and began our trek south. When we came to the toll road exiting the picturesque state of Maine, I was yelled at by the toll operator because I questioned the $20.00 toll fee. “You have 6 wheels ma’am (he said this in a very nasty, condescending tone) It’s  $3.30 per wheel (I realize it reads factual, but you should have been there). My ego was bruised and my face was all contorted. I looked at Greg and he was like, “just pay him and let’s get the BLEEP out of here.” I’ve never heard him talk like that before. I was freaked out, annoyed and listening to my husband say things like “bleep” was confusing. I went with it and put the pedal to the metal and with a little bit of tire squealing, we pealed out of there in approximately 55 seconds. haha, get it 55 seconds. It took FOREVER to get Bessie up and moving.

LESSON 8: when traveling through a state that supports tolls, just cash in your child’s savings account and you’ll be fine…

And thus begins our third week…it gets really interesting here. Ha ha. just kidding.

Page-01 Page-01R5 T5 T8V6W6Y6Z6Z7Massachusetts

Since I was doing all of the driving by this point, I made an executive decision to pull off on an exit road for a pit stop without telling anyone…not like me at all. I like to announce my every move so there are no surprises. Imagine mine and everyones surprise when we found a pumpkin patch. It was huge. AND it had a farm with goats, colts, sheep and I think their was a pig. And this was just off the interstate. W-H-A-T? Since I didn’t say anything about pulling over, everyone assumed I had it planned all along. That’s fine with me. I can play the hero. No problem.

All in all, Massachusetts was nice, BUT somewhere around this beautiful state, we began seeing billboards again. They were definitely “blocking up the scenery and breaking my mind”. I absolutely did not miss extreme opinionated billboards. Which leads me to a previous thought I had forgotten about: as soon as we left the state of Maine, I had that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I was homesick. I was extremely sad to leave.

Almost done 18and boom, we were out of Massachusetts.

The following night we stopped in rural New Jersey at a campsite and I actually feared for my life. I have nothing nice to write about the campground we stayed in other than when the sun came up in the morning and all of my family was where I left them, I shed a little tear and thanked the camping Gods for taking care of us.

And then we hit Rehoboth Beach, DE where the sun was shining and the weather was a perfect 75. Cecilia’s first order of business was to take in the beautiful familiar sandy beach, that angry sea and those damn seagulls. She then fell to the sandy floor and laid quietly with her eyes closed for a whole 2 minutes. That’s long for her. We quickly ran back into the RV threw our swimsuits on and ran back to that beautiful beach. It was the perfect  mid-day break. We spent 3 hours goofing around, surfing, taking pictures and meeting strangers with little puppy dogs.Almost done 15

Almost done 16Almost done 23Almost done 21

I personally thought she was being a little dramatic with throwing her body on the sand and closing her eyes…laying there as if the whole trip was so “laborious” for her….ugh toddlers. Typical.

It must be really difficult to play in nature all day long, play with your toys all day and have your parents and siblings at your beck and call 24/7. She was exhausted. Understandably.

Almost done 22Almost done 14

Cape Hatteras, NC

I grew up in Boone, Banner Elk and Blowing Rock, NC. I went to undergrad in Winston-Salem. I visited the outer banks in college, but lets face it, I don’t remember getting there or returning. Most likely because I was chewing gum, twirling my hair, singing loudly with my windows down, girlfriends in the car, not paying attention to where I was going….really no different from the way I drive today.

But the outer banks are so awesome! If they weren’t prone to hurricanes and cold weather, I would be all over Greggy to move there. We visited the Wright Brothers museum, two separate lighthouses and we stayed in the coolest KOA on the planet. It didn’t matter to Abby and Phoebe that it was a cool 68 degrees and the awesome pool water was a mere 60 degrees…they climbed up and slid down the pool slide probably 50 times. They would go back and forth between the large frigid pool with awesome tunnel slides and the scalding temperatures of the hot tub.

Page-01Almost done 1

And we were able to stay right off the beach.

Almost done 27Almost done 17Almost done 25Almost done 24Almost done 19Almost done 20Almost done 3Almost done 2Almost done 26Almost done 4Almost done 8Almost done 12Almost done 9Almost done 28Almost done 5Almost done 10Almost done 6Almost done 11Page-01

The third week came quick but it took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to end. Two weeks was great. And honestly, I could have stayed in ME for a full three weeks in the RV no less. Sadly, that was not our reality. That third week was really pushing it. Everyone’s patience was wearing thin. Bear was really upset with us.

When we finally got my car back from my sister (we have a minivan) it felt like we were forcing our family and all our belongings into a mini-cooper. The steering wheel would turn if I breathed on it and I could hear everyone inside the car (I could also hear Greg talking to me while we were driving). It was the craziest thing.

Walking into our home from the 300 square foot RV felt like we were walking into a mansion. I forgot that my kitchen countertop was tall enough for me to prep food on and large enough for our family to eat on. Coming home was such a surreal experience.

Bear was finally able to eat an entire meal, he stopped shaking and he was able to get a full nights’ sleep. I found his whole attitude changed when we got home. He used to jump off the furniture when he would hear me coming in the room, now he just looked me straight in the eye and didn’t even lift his tail. He stayed on the furniture. Fair enough. I think he felt as though he deserved a place on the furniture after the hell we put him through. He lost 3 pounds during the 3 week hiatus. I am pretty sure he’s gained all of that and then some back.
dddSo we have been back for three weeks and I am still trying to get back into the groove. Any day now it will happen. My laundry issues will be resolved when I decide to put away three weeks of clothes, shoes, boots, jackets, hats etc. It’s a matter of time and absolute laziness. Wish me luck as we start our fourth week.

And that concludes my post on my RV adventures with my family. Would I do it again? absolutely! Anytime soon? Absolutely not! Will we take Bear? Absolutely.


I don’t know.

Probably not.

But he’s so cute.

No. He can’t come.

2 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN…we got this! seriously! we got this!#$%!??!! Part 5

  1. Such a fun experience! Love your words and your photos. I laughed when I read about the girls running in and out. My mother used to call me “In again, out again, Finnagin.” I have two memories about Hatteras. We took our boys down to see the lighthouse when it was moved away from the shoreline to where it is now. That was fun. The other memory involved the same campground you were in. We had a tent and a nor’easter blew in. Tent blew down with us in it. We slept, wet, sandy, and cold in the car the rest of the night. That was my very last experience in tent camping. Swore from then on, I’d camp only with wheels under me. Bruce retrofitted a 1988 Dodge carpet van with bunks and shelves for us to use for camping when the boys were small. Now that was fun. I had walls around me. The Outer Banks was our destination of choice. I have so enjoyed your travelogue and am looking forward to some of your “we’re home” posts now..

    • Train-Whistle, There’s a pattern I noticed while writing this segment. The girls run in, run out, run in and then out again with everything. They did this with the bunkbed in the RV, in the front to the back and then front of the RV again, in and out of the RV itself and then the pool/hot-tub. And it is funny!

      The retrofitted van sounds awesome! I’ve seen some amazing transformations. Might be something we have to look into.

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