ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN…we got this! seriously! we got this!#$%!??!! Part 4


A5Continuing on with the Spranger Awesome RV Journey 2014 Fall Edition:

I have been sifting through 11,000 pictures from our trip. 11,000 pictures and I am not even joking. 11,000. It took me one full week of sifting through each uploaded file which usually contains 500 to 800 pictures. It’s great though because I am remembering every moment. I am making a book of our trip and am really having to pare down on the pictures because 11,000 pictures maxes me out of the allotted number of pages. It starts to get really expensive after 500 pages. I do create pages with multiple pictures, I’m not attempting to do a one-picture-per page book…then it really would be expensive.

04C5So you know how when you take a vacation, rent a place and it takes a couple of nights to adjust to the new sleeping accommodations and schedule?

Side Note:  Cecilia and the girls, sleep with a little sound machine in their rooms. I have friends whose children fall and stay asleep amidst full volume talking. Such is not the case with our little group. The girls, specifically Cecilia are very light sleepers. I used to co-sleep with her when she was a baby and nursed around the clock just so I might get a little sleep during the night. I dd the same thing with the other girls when they were young. At a certain age, I stopped the co-sleeping in favor of a full nights sleep. So Cecilia hasn’t slept with me since she was a wee babe. It’s not for lack of trying on my part either, I love to cuddle! But if I put her in the bed with us, she gets her second win and thinks that ‘since mommy shuts her eyes and turns off the lights, she must want to play with me.’

With that being said, I was a little worried before we set off on our little excursion, about where Cecilia was going to sleep. She won’t sleep in a bed so we knew we were going to have to take the pack-n-play. But the space was so small where were we going to put this pack and play? AND what were we going to do for day-time naps? It was on my mind.J5N5

When we settled into our first night on the RV, we couldn’t find a legitimate place to put the pack-and-play so I put her in between Greg and I, shut off the lights, and turned the hallway fan on for the background noise.

She cried.S4J4-2

For 45 minutes I tried to ignore it, thinking she would eventually settle down. I mean really, Greg and I both were right there. I was holding her the entire time. I changed her, she’d been fed, I read to her, snuggled with her, sang her sweet lullabies and said our goodnights….seriously, what was she crying about. Greg and I were so tired from driving…I just wanted to sleep. SO, I picked her up, and held her upright on the ‘couch’ in the Kitchiway…(a special word I coined  a combined hallway/kitchen area). It calmed her down, but did nothing for my ‘sleep’.

I was doomed.Q4G4

I partially fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a sore neck. by this time, it was 2 am. Which is very late for me. I am a 9:30-10:30 lights out kinda girl. So I ever so gently, picked her up, and laid her between us and once again she was crying her eyes out. UGH. I was doomed to a night on the couch and was sure to have the absolute worst neck pain come morning.

X4W4So that was my first night experience in the RV with our light sleeping toddler. The second night got better. Greg put her in the bed between us and I am not sure what happened, but she must have fallen asleep with us, because when I woke up in the morning her little butt, which wreaked of poo was smashed up against my face. She was wearing a diaper of course, but we all know the absolute stank that a poo diaper can carry. I jumped out of bed, washed my face and put my contacts in. I then headed out the door with my shower caddy and found the closest shower.

I could still smell poo.M4

It was my absolute mission to rid myself of all things poo related. Luckily for me, I found such shower.U4

“YES” I said to myself. I removed articles of clothing and stood stark naked in a mostly grey cement 3′ by 5′ cell. The walls were spider web infested and the dirty concrete floor was frigid and the little wooden stool that was left in the shower was of course, rotted. I can overlook all that with a nice hot shower. I will just keep my eyes closed! There I was, completely naked, turning the knobs to the shower anxiously anticipating that first scalding drop of water…any minute now….oh, it feels like it’s  little hotter….any minute…ooh is it working, is it turning the corner….don’t give up….is this it? Is this hot water? IS it getting hotter? This isn’t the same temperature as when I first turned on the water…cause that was like 10 minutes ago…something’s happening…any minute now…B4

I kept taking my hand out flinging the water off and allowing the freezing 48 degree air temperature to reach my hand so I could properly gauge the water temperature…

and it would start all over again…ok I really think it’s getting hotter now….almost there….any minute now, it’s going to get hot…

C4D4I kept looking all around the ‘bath house’ for a list of hot water instructions or slot machines I could drop some quarters in…this isn’t my reality right now…I refuse to believe that after 20 minutes of feeling the water, taking my hand out of the water to let the air bring my internal temperature down to frigid and throwing it back in, that there has been no change what-so-ever….Page-01

Then complete sadness set in. I looked over at my pajama clothes and started crying. I kept my hand under the water trying to will it with my tears to GET HOT, but it never did. I pathetically put my clothes back on and cried the whole way back to the RV. I said a little prayer before I entered the RV and it went something like this: Please God, let me just get the poop smell off my face and clothes! Please let me take at least one shower while I am on this adventure (which was quickly becoming the trip from hell…seeing as how, I wasn’t getting much sleep, I smelled like poo and now I couldn’t take showers).F4

I made it to the inside and brewed myself a cup of coffee. I put my trusty baseball cap on and sat alone in a semi dark RV in the early morning, sipping on my dark roast, perusing my most favorite magazine. I had a whole hour to myself with coffee and a magazine. I was a brad new person. I knew I was going to find a shower…Eventually. They can’t all be bad I told myself.Z4

When Greg woke up, he must have felt really bad for me, cause he came to me with the most exiting news EVER. He’s such a little researcher…he found out that most people who have a pack and play, set it up on the little area where the table and couches are. They easily fold down into a bed. VOILLA! We had a place for Cecilia’s pack and play!


The next campsite had great showers. YES!!! We had some pretty great luck after that fiasco. AND  because the weather was way too cold, we were getting to bed early and getting some great sleep. So we were having better luck as we continued our travels…the situation had nowhere to go, but up…It certainly could have platued, and thank God it didn’t!

There was one time where I had to take a shower in the RV…and if you remember my second post where I liken the RV shower to a painted tin trashcan, you can just imagine my excitement for that event. It’s so hard to take a shower with A. your eyes closed and B. trying not to let your body touch any of the walls.Page-01

Lesson #7: If you have any issues with germs or you are a full-on germaphobe, make it a priority to do some research and find a place with some clean showers. Seriously. It’s worth it…it almost turned me into a full on germaphobe. One more week and I probably would have been able to convince my doctor to write a prescription for anxiety…germs are everywhere!!!

L5M5P5Join me for the next post where we discover Kennebunkport, get yelled at by the toll assistant in upstate New York, discover a pumpkin patch in Massachusetts and eat some sweet bites in Virginia.

L4Y4Page-01A4H4I4E4 2

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