ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN…we got this! seriously! we got this!#$%!??!! Part 2

The first part was written with the What’s This song in Nightmare Before Christmas. This second part is inspired by the theme song of Beetlejuice also by the amazing Danny Elfman.

jDanny Elfman has this amazing ability to tell a story with a single song. More specifically I am thinking of the beetle juice theme song; his trumpets, bass drums and dark ominous piano keys pulsing in the background throughout the song, his wonderful use of drums as well as the whirlwind of the violin whizzing around and that all-to-recognizable twang of the violin to capture just the slightest glimpse of country…I can pretty much apply anything he has written to my daily life. I have a deep appreciation for music. And Danny Elfman is such an amazing artist because among other things, he has an ability, as a composer,  capture the absurd in an intelligent and believable way.

And with the Beetlejuice Theme song in mind, I would like to continue my story of our family’s journey north…

rI have to back this up a bit. I would like to focus on our living area before we move on to our stay in Vermont.

pIf you can picture Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation when he asks his wife to go get the something something something “and don’t forget the rubber sheets and the gerbils”. Imagine my utter amazement when I walk back to the “bedroom” and find a queen mattress topped with surprise surprise, a rubber sheet. Great. I get this sort of panicky feeling in my stomach, like I’ve accidentally wandered into a Rob Zombie movie and any moment a clown is going to come out of the shower with a chainsaw…

Lesson #4 do not bring bed sheets, comforters and pillows to a camping trip. Sleeping bags are the way to go here folks! Although I will say, it was a wee bit creepy when my foot wandered out of my sleeping bag and touched the creepy, slimy, cold rubber sheet…I will still go with the sleeping bag every time!q

Speaking of the shower…well, maybe we just won’t go there. It’s for the best. But if I could leave you with a piece of imagery…picture, if you can, a giant aluminum trashcan painted white. There you go. That was our trash can. I mean our shower. That was our shower.

Page-01The toilet room, area, room or area whichever you prefer, it did have a door, so I will call it a room. The toilet room, no matter how much I Cloroxed the floor, walls, toilet and sink, the urine aroma just would not subside. And yes I did write ‘walls’.

So lets embrace it!

Embrace that sweet smell of urine. After 3 weeks of the fragrance, I find I am now craving the smell and am really hoping to find it in the perfume isle at my local Ulta!! Fingers crossed on that one!


Once our party hauler (not to be confused with a toy hauler) reached Burlington, Vermont, it was time to set up shop.  We passed our first day at a great park by the beach waiting for Greg to finish up work. He had this fabulous idea of taking all the kids on a 2 mile roundtrip walk to the grocery store. Great, let’s do it! WE GOT THIS! We put Cecilia in the umbrella stroller and set off on our awesome journey…**cue whining toddlers**…fade to black.

Lesson #5 Have realistic expectations about what your 4 & 6 YEAR OLD CHILDREN CAN HANDLE at the end of a very long day.


Hours later, with crying toddlers, sore backs (cause Greg and I both took turns with the piggy backing), and FOOD…we settled in for an awesome night of hotdogs, beans, adult calorie filled drinks (otherwise known as BEER) and smore ingredients. Dinner was great! Best hot dogs I’ve ever eaten! Not only can my man make a mean hot dog and beans dinner, he makes THE BEST SMORES ON THE PLANET! We sat by the fire while the kids adjusted to their new sleeping arrangements.


hBurlington, Vermont is so beautiful. We arrived at the perfect time to catch the colors on the trees changing. The weather during the day was surprisingly warm and the nights were cool. While the orange, red and yellow leaves wafted through the air, the hustle and bustle of the people downtown just went about their business as if the colorful beauty was something they see everyday. Ho hum. Absolute beauty. Burlington, Vermont.

Page-01The three days we spent in Burlington really allowed us to find our groove. I am proud to say I used a laundromat for the first time since 1995-99 my college years. It was in Vermont were Greg and I decided my skills might be better utilized in the driver seat. That’s right folks, for the next 2.5 weeks, yours truly acted as the sole driver of the RV rather than chatty passenger. The truth is, I am a very poor map reader. Sad fact, but one that sealed the deal. Someone needed to read a map and be the navigator. We learned very early in our relationship my complete lack of ability to decipher Interstate numbers versus whatever those other little numbers are on a map. Tiny little itty bitty infinitesimal numbers that can only be detected by someone with 20/20 vision. It’s too visually stimulating, there are WAY to many lines. UGH. Really? A map is a giant mess to me. Clearly. TONE IT DOWN a little Mr. or Mrs. Cartographer of the Rand McNally 2014 road Atlas.

Lesson #6 The next time we are going on the road, invest in a GPS.

Next on the trip, was the White Mtns of New Hampshire. Completely stunning. I kept wishing I had a go pro attached to the top of our car to capture absolutely everything I was seeing. Greg was laughing at me all through the mountains. Every 5 minutes, I was, “oh my gosh’ing” and “holy cow, for real’ing” and “are you seeing this…wow’ing”… I love fall. It is my favorite season. I really miss it.


We were traveling and talking and Greg told me to stop at as many places as I wanted to in order to get pictures. We must have stopped 15 times. The kids were beginning to get a little antsy and I was ready to take a little break. We still had around 150 miles until we reached Bar Harbor, Maine. Greg and I were talking about maybe pulling over to have a picnic until we saw a strange place with children running wild.




Page-01zz-2Yes folks, that’s correct, Story Land. The creepiest amusement park I have ever encountered. There was this little lullaby music with little children singing and it played over and over and over. I was completely creeped out. But the kids loved it. And so I tried to get past the feeling that some wild crazed clown was going to come around the corner…and do what I don’t know…and who cares? It’s a wild crazed clown. What is scarier than that?


We got this!

Join me for Part 3 where I will discuss the amazing Maine and again eating Maine lobster in Maine.

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