ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN…3 is a good number

My baby girl turned 3 at the end of July.


I had this *brilliant* idea that I would go through each and every picture file on my folder and pull out my favorite pictures of Cecilia over the past 3 years. I poured myself a glass of wine, popped some pop corn, put in my ear phones and rocked out to Small Black, a new band I am crushing on at the moment.

IMG_0235_2I thought I could get a couple of good ones in an hour or so.

IMG_0658I lost myself in picture land that night.

r (11 of 11)

Four hours later, I looked up from my screen to check the time. My eyes were watering (most likely too much ‘all-at-once’ screen time), my back was stiff from my non-ergonomic chair and my wine glass was empty. Triple threat. BOO!

IMG_0343-2Almost one month later, I have completed my search.

IMG_0646I think I have gathered my favorites from the past 3 years.

IMG_0145And to think, it only took one month.

IMG_0377I have a ridiculous amount of pictures. To think I could find a couple of favorites from the past 3 years in one hour is a shining example of my eternal unrealistically dreamy self.

IMG_0149I live day-to-day, in the trenches of motherhood. I am in a perpetual state of mental “fog”. I can always benefit from more sleep. Nine times out of ten, I cannot remember what I did the day before.

Just three small facts about myself.


So I find it humorous when I look back at these pictures and I remember every moment. I remember who was crying and why, where the spit up was on the above outfit, who was having allergies (and the times I got creative with Photoshop to delete/diminish little snot runs) and who threw a fit because their pet stuffed monkey fell in our dog’s fecal matter.


Unfortunately, they may not all be perfectly in focus…

IMG_0007 But I believe, in some way, they all show her amazing personality.

IMG_0181_edited-1Our big thing lately is sitting on the couch together, she sits on my stomach and we play little games. My favorite game is when I pretend to fall asleep and make a silly snoring-whistle sound. She says, “wake up” and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I wake up and we laugh. At the moment, it’s the only way I can get kisses from her.

IMG_0132_edited-1Everyday I would ask for little kisses and for a while she would comply. BUT, she’s 3 now and let’s face it, she has a reputation to uphold. She has an independent spirit to assert dammit. She can’t just be dolling out kisses whenever asked.

IMG_0568_edited-2I am not above resorting to silly games in order to get a smooch from my baby girl.

cropped-img_0139.jpgA momma’s gotta do what a momma’s gotta do.

IMG_0042_edited-2Her favorite game is the animal/color game. I hold up an animal and she tells me the animal (either through sign or saying the animal name) and the sound. I then go around the room and ask her for the color of several different items.

IMG_0583_edited-1She nails it.




cc2 (1 of 1)3 years has gone by pretty fast. Once they hit 3 years, it goes even faster.

7 (20 of 1)6 (20 of 1)cc uggsShe has grown so much in the past 3 years.

Aa3 (1 of 1)new a17 (1 of 1)new a16 (1 of 1)I am excited to see the person she is going to become in the next three.

new a13 (1 of 1)new a10 (1 of 1)aa3 (37 of 44)TR16 (1 of 1)-20TR16 (1 of 1)-1921 (20 of 1)I love this baby girl.

20 (20 of 1)aae (1 of 1)-6aae (1 of 1)-5IMG_0590She means the world to me.

r (8 of 11)CCd (1 of 1)CCb (1 of 1)Page-01Page-01Page-01Page-13Page-01cropped-b-700-of-1.jpgPage-014 (700 of 1)11 (700 of 1)veep 16 (700 of 1)-6veep 16 (700 of 1)-5another one bites the dust (700 of 1)another one bites the dust 4 (700 of 1)CC 5 (700 of 1)Page-0121 (700 of 1)-15Every year gets better…

21 (700 of 1)-13I am pretty damn lucky and thankful AND grateful to have such an amazing little person in my life…

mm (700 of 1)-3Page-01Page-01Page-013 is after all, my favorite number. I think its going to be a pretty great year!

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