ONE HUNDRED NINE…i don’t want a stinky heart

veep 16 (700 of 1)-5oh hell, I guess I’ll write a post..

Page-01I have been eavesdropping on my girls lately and I have heard some pretty funny stuff…

Abby:  Phoebe, CC has a sweet heart. You have a stinky heart.

Phoebe:  I don’t want a stinky heart.

(2 minutes later)

Phoebe:  Mommy, Abby said I have a stinky heart but I don’t want a stinky heart.

Me:  Phoebe, you don’t have a stinky heart. You have a beautiful sweet heart.

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Phoebe:  Yeah mommy! Thank you! You don’t have a stinky heart either. You have a beautiful heart, not a stinky one.

Well who can argue with that.

Toddler logic.


Here’s some more toddler logic from earlier today,

Phoebe:  Mommy, Abby hit my cheek like this (she demonstrates with her elbow knocking on her cheek) and I think she broke my cheek. Will you look mommy? I think I need a band-aid!

Luckily, her cheek wasn’t broken. Shew!


In February, an editor of an Early Childhood Quarterly from Australia contacted me to ask for permission to purchase a photograph of Cecilia she found on my blog. The magazine arrived in March and our sweet baby girl made the front cover. So proud of her! I would post a picture, but I am not sure if that is legal. I am excited for me too…this marks the first photograph I have ever sold. And the editor mentioned both Cecilia’s and my name on the inside cover. March 2014; It was a great month!

Page-01 veep 16 (700 of 1)-6

Little Miss Sass throwin a whole-lotta tude this way.

veep 16 (700 of 1)-10

speaking of the aforementioned ‘toddler logic’ phrase, I have been employing some of Phoebe’s ‘toddler logic’ in some of my day-to-day activities. For example, I decided to extend/celebrate Mother’s Day a little longer…when the kids go to bed at night, I have a 2 hour window where I can either do something productive (like house cleaning) or hang with the husband. Fun I know. I am aware I give off the impression of being completely wild and spontaneous. I threw out productivity and opted for a blob-like week with the t.v. show Dexter. Great move. It’s a really great show.

I paid the price for my blob-like behavior this afternoon however when I realized tonight was date night. Thirty minutes before my babysitter came to the house, I ran through like an insane person grabbed all of our nice clean unwrinkled laundry shoved it in any available baskets and proceeded to shove them into my closets. I prepped a fruit snack for Cecilia so she would be more compliant, put some sweet tunes on for Phoebe while letting her color and gave Abby a major art project I knew might take her some time to accomplish. I threw my soap covered sponge on my countertops flinging water all over anything within an 8 inch radius and began scrubbing up the spaghetti sauce stains on the counters from lunch. I unloaded then loaded the dishwasher. Flushed 2 toilets with ‘floaters’ in them…thank you Abby and Phoebe for that. Swept up our dog hair/tumble weeds and threw the toys in the toy room. All of that without even the slightest hint of caffeine.

I gave myself a pat on the back, put on some lip gloss, glanced in the mirror (whoops) and greeted the babysitter. I’m sure she was suspicious. I don’t know if

a. she has ever seen me sweat like that before or

b. she has ever seen my hair that wild and out of control

but there I was…a sweating wild haired lip glossed wildebeest trying desperately to look normal. Answering the door in my most confident “Yes Amanda, this is the look I was going for all along” look. Poor girl…she is so lovely and normal. So level-headed and extremely intelligent for her age. I don’t remember ever being that way…I wouldn’t say those were characteristics I would even claim today. I hope she doesn’t judge me too much…

veep 16 (700 of 1)-11**I am with Phoebe on the whole ‘I don’t want a stinky heart’ issue. She is very wise.

veep 16 (700 of 1)-7 veep 16 (700 of 1)-8Hopefully a lovely weekend is in the cards…

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  1. You are such a great, insightful, fun writer! I love reading these posts!

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  2. Hi Angie…I am the Nana of a soon to be born special needs child…Your articles and photographs are the best ever…you are a talented writer and photographer….and I love all that you give us to see and think about…..thanks so much…please keep it going!!!!

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