ONE HUNDRED EIGHT…worth celebrating

All week long I have been waiting for Friday.

another one bites the dust (700 of 1)

 I wanted to remember the special day in March. I forgot it last year until the very last minute, which made me feel like the WORST mom on the planet.

Friday is the 21st of March, 3/21. The date is symbolic, since 2011,  United Nations, General Assembly declared March 21, World Down syndrome Day. Certain countries had been celebrating the date since 2006, but in 2011 the UN declared 2012 the official start of the celebration and consequently invited the Member States to observe World Down syndrome Day.

3/21…brilliant. 3 copies of the 21st chromosome.

another one bites the dust 1 (700 of 1) When I think about the simplicity of the numbers  3/21 its hard to believe they held such significance 2.5 years ago. I love those numbers now. Almost as much as I love her birth numbers, and Abby’s birth numbers, and Phoebe’s, Bears, my husband’s. Those numbers seem to pale in comparison to the depth in which I find myself emotionally attached to this little being.

3/21. It means something.

And then again, it doesn’t mean anything.

another one bites the dust 2 (700 of 1) And then again, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s worth saying again. 3/21, Down syndrome. She has it, but it doesn’t define her. It’s not who she is.

another one bites the dust 3 (700 of 1) Lately, when we are driving in the car, she knows all the pop songs. She bounces to the rhythms in her car seat, never missing a beat. She throws her arms in the air and tries to sing the lyrics but neither she nor I can figure out what the artists are saying half the time, which in reality is probably for the best.

She is a walking machine and terribly proud of herself for doing so I might add. She walks around the house yelling at everyone to look at her, with her arms and hands in the air. She is working on her moves in hopes to run around with her sisters soon. another one bites the dust 4 (700 of 1)She plays little pranks on me. She puts her kissy face on and then when I come close with my kissy face she quickly turns and giggles.

She is a copying sponge machine. She copies everything we do; our conversational intonations (in her own way); If I cover my mouth to laugh, she covers her mouth to laugh; she listens intently and responds appropriately to our questions and requests.

She loves her baby dolls. She loves to pretend like they are crying or upset, so she can kiss them and hug them. She feeds them and rocks them.

another one bites the dust 5 (700 of 1)She’s pretty damn good at puzzles. Fits the pieces right in to their proper place. She is also a rock star at fitting small cylinder dowels in corresponding holes.

She really demands to feed herself and flat out refuses any help. I love the independence she is carving out for herself.

And the way she watched her sisters and now her interactions with them…It’s wonderful to watch them all together.

I am proud of her. I am proud to be her mommy. She is so many things among them being; beautiful, curious, cautious and at the same time risk taker, sweet and comforting, smart, intuitive and practical joker.

Just a few of my favorite things about this beautiful little girl.

She is worth celebrating!

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