ONE HUNDRED SEVEN…let ’em eat cookies

A day off from school is equal to a day of absolute and total chaos in the kitchen.
cookies 2 (700 of 1)WE MADE COOKIES!!!!!

cookies 3 (700 of 1)

butterfly cookies

heart cookies

circle cookies

star cookies, triangle cookies, dragonfly cookies, apple cookies, Teddy Bear cookies, flower cookies, kitty cat and princess crown cookies…

cookies galore!

cookies 4 (700 of 1)

Hands and pudgy fingers getting dirty in flour, mashing, rolling, smashing, smooshing and mommy being ok with all the little messes. The giggling, dancing (cause we were jamming out to Pharell with our small but REALLY powerful Bose speaker)  and the little sprinkle accidents almost made it seem like we were throwing our own little party.

cookies 6 (700 of 1)cookies 5 (700 of 1)cookies 7 (700 of 1)

It was a very exclusive party; there were only two other humans and one canine invited.

abby (700 of 1)-2

Everyone had a delightful time until Phoebe dropped one of her 3 cookies and Bear devoured it before she could even think about picking it up. THEN Abby accidentally tripped over Cecilia’s high chair consequently making the chair jerk. Cecilia was not happy. Within 5 minutes Phoebe and Cecilia were crying inconsolably.

cookies (700 of 1)abby 2 (700 of 1)I basically had to un-invite Bear and banish him to our bedroom. Phoebe ate one of Daddies cookies and Cecilia was fine after a few cuddles and kisses. A party ain’t a party, in the Spranger house, until someone gets teary eyed.

abby (700 of 1)

cookies 8 (700 of 1)CC 5 (700 of 1)-2We declared this day the, ‘Let ’em eat Cookies’ Day!!!

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