ONE HUNDRED FOUR…I was a duck today!

CC and I made her first trip to the dentist…it was only moderately painful

Page-01For me anyway.

21 (700 of 1)-16

It was excruciating for her.

She absolutely, without a doubt does not like anyone rooting around in her mouth.The dentist was the best in lieu of her highly audible protestations.  His office was like a giant playroom with televisions in the overhead lights, televisions in the ground, a real jet ski in the waiting room, video games in a smaller room, fine motor manipulatives for tiny germy hands to play with!


He’s a keeper! I guess I will keep her too. She calmed down once she got into my arms. Who wouldn’t love that kind of power?

cover photoIt’s been such a goofy week. Especially today, situations that would normally annoy me and push me over the edge, I have just been sweeping under the rug. I have been a duck this week, letting these petty little things roll off my back like water on a ducks back. Why can’t I be that way all the time? It’s such a nice feeling. Just to be on an even keel? Calm and relaxed. I have more and more moments of this duck-like mentality and I have to wonder if it is because I am getting older and settling down in these old bones a little more. Or is it something so trivial as owning a home again? I have been attributing my new-found ability to the new home thing. Whatever the reason, I like it. If I mess up as a mom or wife, I just say to myself, “Oh good grief” and sometimes (if the situation calls for it) I will apologize and move on, or just move on without the apology. Whatever is appropriate for the situation.

IMG_0002Which brings me to another point. I really am trying to make a conscious effort to STOP apologizing for crap that is not my fault. For example, a couple of months ago, if I were to accidentally bump into another grocery cart turning the isle at a grocery store, I would apologize. It’s no-ones fault. I shouldn’t apologize…I can say “oops, excuse me” and politely move on. Where did I pick up that habit. It’s become so engrained in me, that I noticed “I’m sorry” coming out of my mouth literally 15/20 times a day for the most random thing.  And I haven’t noticed other people doing it.

Just me.


I have noticed my kids are starting to the same thing. Phoebe apologized for picking up a hair tie at the same time I was. I thought, “Nope…this is not ok.” I don’t want to encourage my kids to be overly nice also known as a doormat.

No more apologizing…unless the situation calls for it. AND then I will say it ONLY ONCE!!!! Not repeatedly.

Today: I AM THE DUCK!!! I will strive to be more duck-like in everything I do!!!!!!!

I love ducks!

I also love Turtles!

Dogs are the best.

Cats are…and that’s all the kind words I can say about cats.

 And horses. Horses are great!

Pigs are fun.

Donkeys are just awesome! They are crazy those donkeys! Donkeys can eat whole apples.

Snakes though, snakes give me the willies. I don’t mind snakes, as long as they leave me alone.

Rabbits are the sweetest little things!!!!

Ugh, I love all animals! All animals are just great!

But ducks are symbolic!!!!

4 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED FOUR…I was a duck today!

  1. Happy to see you posting, Mrs. Angie!…been awhile! We just had a go-round with a pediatric dentist too…oral stimulation puts D over the edge, too, despite all the whiz-bang stuff in the office. I hope your family is doing well and enjoying 2014. Blessings to you all…

  2. recently heard a very good show on NPR talking about girls and how they are conditioned to be demure, apologize, put themselves on the back burner. It’s worth a listen (wish I could remember the show-I have NPR on all the time.) . I also find myself saying “I’m sorry” for things that are of no fault of my own. I too, am going to be more aware of this…and stop! I used to apologize at work when I met someone head on coming around a corner. (how ridiculous was that?) Now when it happens, I say, “Oh, hi! Here’s a perfect excuse for a hug.” We are pretty much one big family in the nursing home. It takes people by surprise and usually gets me a smile and a warm hug. Great post with lots to think about!

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