I am so in it right now…defining ‘it’ would be such a broad answer…suffice it to say so many pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit. It’s a good feeling. Granted I am listening to some Daft Punk and Wild Cub, so I may have an inflated sense of euphoria and gratitude. I either want to go up to someone and dance  like Carlton on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ or hug everyone and tell them how much we appreciate them. But for now, I will just sit at my little desk and tap my foot on the floor and move my shoulders in a spastic yet rhythmic  motion. If only I could maintain this emotional high during the day, it would do wonders during my daily errands! An extra skip in my step really does amazing things to my productivity! If only we could implement that life soundtrack…everyone would be better off…if only..

I have to pay homage to the people who work with my girls everyday.


In the months after having Cecilia, I would read up on what it was like (on a daily basis) to have a child with special needs. I read so often about how mothers or daily care givers were so put-off by the weekly therapy appointments. A lot of parents wrote about feeling like everything had to be nice and neat in the home, the children needed to look nice and they felt like they also needed to put effort into themselves. Of course, there are those days when those three tasks alone seemed insurmountable. Hell, sometimes I feel like I’m in heaven until I realize the fine soft cloud-like MASS floating by me as I move from room to room is in fact a huge pile of dog hair NOT an actual cloud. I get it as most of our therapies take place in our home. There is a point though when you have to forget about what ‘you think the house should look like’  and go ahead with your bad self… roll out of bed 15 minutes before they arrive, wipe that cute little poopy butt and brush ‘some’ of my teeth, throw that enormous pile of papers on the kitchen counter in a cabinet and answer the door!! Because ultimately, they don’t care about what your house looks like. They don’t care about whether or not the children or the mother look put-together. What they care about is seeing little Cecilia smiling and being receptive to their instruction.


I owe these ladies so much. A good therapist can make you feel like the luckiest mother in the world, gushing about your child and how beautiful, capable and amazing they are.


They come to our home or we go to their office each week. They work hard coming up with activities that will challenge our children and hopefully give them confidence to take that next step, whatever it may be.

I love therapists!!!


A shift in perception can do amazing things. If I had believed everything I had read, I would be a miserable person right now due to the fact we have 8 therapies a week. These therapists have become our family.

CC5-20 CC12-20

Not to mention, Therapists come with some pretty cool toys…and sometimes they even come with costumes!

CC4-20 CC17-21-2Nah, we are the lucky ones!


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