NINETY-NINE…next stop – normal

Sometimes I forget that plateaus lead to progress. I felt as if we had been on a plateau for so long. I thought the plateau was something to do with me. There is one theme which continues to remain prevalent in my life as a mother and that is, “if they are not ready, they are not ready. No amount of me pushing, practicing and cajoling will make them ready (and this next part is really important) THEY WILL DO IT WHEN THEY ARE DAMN GOOD AND READY.”   And what do you know, all of a sudden, out of nowhere she has 10/15 signs she uses and a lot of those signs are accompanied with words.

Where did that come from?


all of a sudden she is all about standing up again and she is even saying several different words AND she is drinking from a straw.

Page-01Sometimes in this quest of parenthood we do research, seek out advice and most important to me, connect with other people who have gone or are going through whatever situation Greg and I are going through. A lot of the time, our challenges and triumphs are different, but I think it’s important to note, that as parents we are all in this together.

Page-01So as of now, June 8, 2013 Cecilia Rae Spranger is 22 months old. She has 10/15 words, she is standing with assistance – not yet crawling on knees and hands – but she will when she is DAMN GOOD AND READY. We celebrate all developmental milestones in this family.

I am so proud of her.

excellent a (700 of 1)

I finally coaxed Phoebe June into participating in a photography session. I am all about cluster photos now…It’s a problem.

Page-01We are planning a special day for her 2-year-old birthday.

Page-01Where did that time go?

I am just thankful that we are not sick anymore and our lives appear to be “normal” again. UGH. I breathe a sigh of relief.

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