I have reached a point in my life where, at a certain time of day, my brain stops working. 5:30 in the afternoon rolls around and I can’t seem to form a single intelligent sentence or thought, if I do participate in a conversation I usually forget words in the middle of a sentence AND lately I completely space out while standing opposite another individual.

blobbing 1 (700 of 1)Fun times.

blobbing 2 (700 of 1)

Once our little naughties go to bed, I sit on the couch with my partner in crime and do what I like to call, “blob out”. I just become a giant blob. Here it is, the weekend, the kids are sleeping and I am just a blob mass on the couch in front of the tv, my brain turned off. The weekends have been flying by and I have noticed a majority of my time is on auto-pilot. It has been my goal to live in the present and conscientiously. Over the weekend I am not doing either of those things. And this has been going on for weeks now. I blame it on our decision to move away from family. Built-in babysitters who welcome and love our children unconditionally. We made the choice to move away and now we have one night of respite during the week.

I get a little jealous when our neighbors Dan and Debbie dote on their grandchildren and are anxious to have them over for a visit. BUT this is our reality.

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In an effort to ‘break my blob cycle’ I feel as though I have to go back to the basics. My friend Jessica recently reminded me how important it is and how inspiring it can be to make lists. I used to love making lists. I have a list in our pre-child box made by Greg and myself about the kind of parents/people we wanted to be, the kind of marriage we hoped to have….I could go on. Alas, lethargic blobs, was not on the list.

blobbing 4 (700 of 1)

So my theory about the ‘list’ is this; on Monday night I think I need to make a list about what I had hoped we had done/accomplished over the weekend. I am a dreamer, I dream a lot about the following weekend and what we will do as a family…like long walks on the beach, cooking together as a family, listening to music, playing together, reading together, walking around in our downtown and I would love to add ‘lounging around outside on our patio furniture’ to this list. One day. But my point is this: living conscientiously I believe takes a heck of a lot more planning than I previously thought.

blobbing 5 (700 of 1)

I don’t want to get to Sunday night and feel down about what we did or more-to-the-point, what we didn’t do over the weekend and think to myself, “it will be better next weekend.” So, I am back to making lists (thank you Jessica!) about what we will do next weekend! Better yet, what we will do tomorrow! I am already making lists about what we will be doing on birthdays and all holidays! I have to make new traditions…it’s my job. So bring on the multi-colored paper and pens (I am an old-fashioned girl when it comes to making lists and like to have a tangible evidence of an honest pursuit of progress).

blobbing 6 (700 of 1)

There are two pursuit of progress for this particular issue

number 1. to make the most of family time over the weekend

number 2. to make the most of my time alone with my best friend.

blobbing 7 (700 of 1)

NO MORE BLOBBING OUT!!! I want to live a blobless life!

2 thoughts on “NINETY-SEVEN…blob out

  1. Angie you crack me up. Here I am trying to be inspired by you and be more spontaneous and laid back instead of the TO-DO list Nazi or the consummate planner. We are ying and yang and I am so grateful You and Greg plus those three amazing girls are in our lives!

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