Phoebehey momma 4 (700 of 1)She eats with her mouth wide open. And makes little noises when she eats her food. Chunks of food fall out of her mouth and at the end of a meal she has food all over her face, hands, clothes and in her hair.

hey momma 6 (700 of 1)We are standing at the corner of plateau and progress.  She is on the downslope of morning meltdowns, running away from me in parking lots, body going limp when I try to force her into her stroller and all-out temper tantrums in public places. I am not ready for her to get older, but it is slowly happening. The little 3-year-old dramas are becoming farther and fewer between. I can’t take my eyes off of her, she is one of the three most beautiful things I have ever seen. Being a mother truly is amazing…most of the time. I can’t wait to see what she is going to be like when she is older. She is such a tomboy right now. So rough and tumble, yet she loves her princess dresses and nightgowns at bedtime.

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I had a moment tonight. I was driving home alone listening to music and came across Lord Huron, a band I had never heard before. Just as I was crossing the Roosevelt bridge the chorus came on. The sun was going down, the water was glistening and there were boats in the harbor. I cranked up the song and just enjoyed the moment. Fantastic song. Fantastic moment.

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We have been so busy, the past three weeks have been a blur. In the evening Greg and I have been winding down by watching, ‘Walkers’. I am not a big fan of zombies. The way Greg feels about vampires is the same way I feel about zombies, “if you’ve seen one zombie movie/show, you’ve seen them all”. I hate to admit it, but it’s actually a well written show. I try not to pay attention, but I now I look forward to the next show.

Who knew.

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I love my little girls eyes

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Nana was here a couple of weeks ago. For a whole week, we had a new meal from scratch every night, my laundry was washed, folded and put away, all the kids were worn out and Greg and I had more than one date night in a week.

it was so nice.

We miss her.

hey momma 3 (700 of 1)and we will wake up tomorrow to experience it all over again!

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  1. So good to hear from you Angie. Love your posts. I’m thinking Nana should just move on down to be closer. Your photos are amazing, and your writing is refreshing. Don’t ever stop. -tw

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