NINETY-FIVE…new dreams


We have turned a corner at the Spranger house. Cecilia has adopted a personality and she wants everyone in this house to know.  The above picture is a moment captured in a day in the life of Cecilia.  If Cecilia feels she is being ignored, she will scream at you. If you are close by and you are ignoring her, she will scream in your ear! Page-01She is cute and she knows it.

She owns everyone in this house. Cecilia is the boss. Even Phoebe, who before was so oblivious to her baby sister, is now greeting her in the morning by name, kissing her, consoling her when she cries and occasionally helps me feed her. AUGH! I am in it. I am feeling appreciative today for these little people, my little naughties and their enormous personalities.

Page-01Since moving to our own paradise, Greg and I have been trying to figure out what we have been missing. We used to talk about our ‘dream location’ all the time. It consumed large portions of our conversations to one another, for almost two years. We eventually narrowed down the list of ‘small town criteria’ and eventually came to the following; It needed to be a warm climate, close to water, if that water had potential for surfing…all the better, family friendly, great schools and a great mix of people. Then it hit us, that’s what’s missing. We have found our ‘dream location’. There is no, “gosh I wish it had this” or “I wish it didn’t have this”, there are no other small towns to ‘explore’. This is it. So what do we ‘dream’ about now? Homes? Of course. But, it will come in time. We are always on the search for a new abode. I have replaced our ‘dream location’ hopes for new hopes.

I now am hoping and dreaming of something very particular. Something I feel, would greatly enhance our time together as a family. Something Greg and I could enjoy when the naughties would go down for bed. Not to mention enhancing our time entertaining friends and guests. Bear would even enjoy himself, if we were to add this little something to our life. Yes folks, it is time to invest in patio furniture.

I want an outdoor couch, chairs, coffee table, eating table and chairs and a fire pit (somewhere in there). At the moment, I don’t know where I am going to put these things. We have a nice patio right now, with dinky furniture which is awaiting space in our garage for repainting purposes.

In the meantime I am checking out patio furniture magazines, online stores and of course my latest addiction, Pinterest.  Thinking about themes I want to use…do we go coastal like our living room? Do we go colorful and eclectic like our entryway? Or maybe romantic, with outdoor linen curtains and large cushions, large-scale furniture? My little brain is busting at the seams with possibilities!!! I am so glad our dreams have shifted to something a little more manageable and feasible.

Greg agrees with me too.  I imagine Greg and I sitting outside, after the kids have gone to bed, eating peanuts and drinking an ice-cold bear near the fire and talking about whatever we want. That’s part of my problem you see, I dream up these ‘perfect storybook dreams’ about how patio furniture will transform our lives. I know, theoretically at least, I am responsible for the directions our lives take, not patio furniture. Patio furniture won’t make us ‘closer’ as a family. Patio furniture won’t make us have the best lazy Sunday afternoons or mysteriously make my burnt chicken taste better.

But, it will allow us to spend more time outside, as a family…comfortably. We could read the paper while the kids play in the yard. Grill and eat outside. I can see myself reading to the kids outside on our comfy furniture. I can see the kids playing on the furniture with their dolls.

I can see it.


Wow. I have gone from my last post where I write about my escapades at Barnes and Nobles, to talking about my little girls emerging personality, to patio furniture. I am off the hook crazy! Certifiable.


I can see it now…a giant puffy outdoor couch, just another place for me and my naughties to catnap and cuddle.

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