NINETY-FOUR…confessions of a stay-at-home mom

Confession #1…and before I make this ‘confession’ I have to back pedal a bit…

Thursday is usually date night. We always have the same babysitter (whom we absolutely adore and want to adopt) who comes at exactly the same time every week. This week, since Greg is out of town, I thought about cancelling, because I have seen all the movies that are out presently and what would I do??? But then I had an epiphany…why on earth would I cancel? I have a ticket for a free night. A ‘golden ticket’. A get out of jail free card…just kidding, but it did fit in nicely there. So I texted the babysitter to see if she could come an hour early and I promised to be back by 8 sharp! She was all for it!

3 (20 of 1)4 (20 of 1)She showed up, I gave her a few instructions and I practically flew out the door. Enter “Confession #1” I walked around the mall, weaving freely in and out of shops…looking at and touching anything I wanted, without having to pick things up off the floor and throw them…somewhere, anywhere, probably behind a stack of perfectly folded shirts and then start speed walking through the store…(yes I am that person). I tried on clothes without having to tend to screaming toddlers. I walked through the isles of the clothing shops without banging our bus-like stroller into racks. And I looked at jewelry without having to free it of sticky little hands. It was a gloriously free night.

And right now “Confession #2” I ate a cookie bigger than my face for dinner.

Confession #3…I used to think the individuals who came to Barnes and Nobles to sit at the cafe with their laptops were strange and narcissistic. AND here I am, sitting at Barnes and Nobles with my laptop. I am definitely strange…probably more narcissistic than I care to admit. And I am blogging, how original.

1 (20 of 1)2 (20 of 1)Confession #4…I just bought an Anthony Robbins book. Unlimited Power.

Confession #5…I’ve read Unlimited Power before in undergrad. His message is such a positive one and my friend Karla recently said something about his books. I was in the market for a good positive book I can sink my teeth into. It will be the fifth book I will be adding into my ongoing reading rotation.

I would like to go back to confession #3…I am sitting in the cafe section of B&N Wild I know. I am out of control with my one night of freedom. I am ‘off the hook’ crazy. I think back to my twenty year old self; carefree, spouse free and kid free. For a brief moment I am lost in the world of, “I’m gonna grab my best gals and drag them to a bar, eat those dirty filthy nuts at the bar (cuz remember my twenty year old self is carefree plus at twenty I have the immune system of an army tank) and giggle about boys.” Ahh college, so much fun.

7 (20 of 1)And then I can’t help but think about Phoebe randomly saying she loved me today and how she is really starting to grow and change. Her face is really beginning to fill out and her hair is turning blond. She is talking more and more everyday. Using expressive language and labeling colors everywhere. And Abby…she came home today with an award from school. She didn’t even tell me, I found it in her daily folder just like any other paper crinkled and jammed into any place it would fit. Of course Cecilia and her ever-changing body; short one minute, tall the next, sweet little roley poley then the next minute she is skin and bones. I can’t keep up. Everyone is changing.

8 (20 of 1)

Confession #6…I can’t wait to get home, slink into my warm jammies (cuz it’s co-o-o-old here) and cuddle up with whomever is in my bed!! Life is good.

Confession #7…I have been without my camera now for two whole weeks. It needed to be cleaned and refurbished. I am incomplete and missing my ‘mojo’ as my dear friend Stephanie would write. I get it now girlfriend

5 (20 of 1)Confession #8…I might be the most boring person on the planet. And tonight, I am ok with that.

6 (20 of 1)I was home by eight, in bed with my new book by 9 and on my way to sleep at twenty till 10:00. A paerfect end to a perfect day. Quite different from my days in undergrad.

5 thoughts on “NINETY-FOUR…confessions of a stay-at-home mom

  1. You, my dear, are far from boring. I love reading your posts and seeing the pics of your beautiful children. You have so many gifts, only three of them being writer, photographer and mother. Confession #1 for me: I’m hooked on your blog. –tw

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