NINETY-THREE…memories and anniversary’s

In 7 days, it will be our one year anniversary since moving to Florida.

Greg reminded me today.  Page-01on the one hand, it is so hard to believe it’s only been a year

Page-01We have built a life here, I have met some amazing individuals and we are lucky enough to call them friends…we’ve bought living room furniture here…a true first for us. We’ve set goals and achieved them here, started Kindergarten here, we have overcome obsticles here, laughed here, cried here and played here.


Page-01With the unfortunate exception of this week, we have been outside nearly everyday since we moved here! Which is a major reason Greg and I wanted to move to a warmer climate…I wanted to be able to run outside year round and he wanted to surf and be near water. I am weak when it comes to running outside in cold weather.


Page-01The truth is it is hard to be away from family.  I have been feeling this way a lot lately. When Greg and I have date nights or family nights we always end up talking about how much we love our kids. How incredible they are. How beautiful they are. How much joy they bring your life…and of course we temper the usual praise-a-thon with an occasional convo about how annoying they can be, how demanding and bossy, WHINEY and ungrateful they can be. Not to mention their overall refusal to LISTEN!


Page-01We are in the thick of it for sure. Having to rely solely on babysitters for a couple of hours of free time or date night. Other than those couple of hours we are with the kids all the time.

For the past two months, I have caught myself saying to Greg, and basically anyone else who is willing to listen, how I need either Phoebe or Cecilia to get ‘older’. I really mean I need one of them to achieve the next milestone. I need Phoebe to actually start listening and participating in the daily routines. I would like for Cecilia to begin eating solid foods, so she might feed herself. I would like to be able to set a plate of food down in front of her and be free to prepare dinner or do something else productive.

Page-01And now, on March 4, 2013, I am proud to say Phoebe is potty trained, she knows how to sign, say and identify all colors, she can sign, say and visually recognize the letters of the alphabet, and the other day when I asked her to bring me a diaper and wipes for Cecilia, she not only brought me diapers and wipes, she also brought me diaper cream…on my first request! I swear it felt like my birthday! I wanted to celebrate!


And then Cecilia decided she was ready to try real food. She is willing to try anything, but not always happy with the menu. So we are learning about what she likes and she is learning about all sorts of different foods and textures. She is really making huge strides in using her pincer grasp and she has been getting on her knees a lot more, which ultimately means crawling is right around the corner. Such a weight off my shoulders.

Page-01But we are missing the family.

All family!


We do love it here though!


We sure love VISITORS though!!!!!

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