I was in the kitchen washing paint off my hands when I overheard Abby explaining to Phoebe how to braid her Barbie dolls hair. Abby has been working on her fish tail braiding skills. She was very supportive of Phoebe and praised her efforts, even though Phoebe was merely twisting mermaid Barbie’s hair.

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Later tonight, after story time, I sent Abby to the guest bedroom. Lately  Phoebe gets out of bed and tries to sleep with her, a behavior Abby would normally encourage, but I think she is liking the freedom of sleeping on her own. BUT then Phoebe started crying. When I asked her what was wrong she said, “Where is Abby?”. I knew. As a younger sister knows what it’s like to want to be with her older sibling so bad you can’t control the funny feeling in your stomach and then the tears just start coming. I tried to kiss her, hug her and console her but at that point, I knew the only thing that would stop her sweet tears would be her sister.

Abby came back into the room with her own set of rules and I quote, “1. Phoebe you have to stay in bed. If you get out twice, then I tell Mommy and I will go sleep in the yellow bedroom and you will sleep by yourself. 2. You can’t giggle and say my name over and all the time. Is that clear?” Such a young adult. Phoebe agreed to Abby’s terms and conditions. I settled the girls into bed and 15 minutes later, Abby was at the top of the stairs telling me Phoebe was saying her colors over and over again. Well at least she listened to Abby’s rules…she was saying her colors and not Abby’s name. As I opened the door the lights were blaring and she was looking at her alphabet book and signing her ABC’s. So proud of her! But it was 7:30, which is late for her.

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I am so proud of Abby. She is all about her sisters. Cecilia absolutely adores her and Phoebe hangs on her every word…most of the time! While Abby is at school, Phoebe randomly stops whatever activity she has involved herself in and looks around puzzled eventually asking, “where’s Abby?” She is such a sweet, inquisitive, smart and empathetic little girl.

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  1. Lucky girls, lucky mom. Abby and Phoebe remind me of my Ben and Ryan. At 17 Ryan still adores his 24 year old brother, hangs on his every word and listens to the wisdom of his sibling much more readily than that of his parents. My hope is that they will always be as close as they have been their whole lives. I think they will. I think your girls will as well. It gives you a warm feeling. Love your posts and look forward to each of them.

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