I have discovered a productive way to take Phoebe to the grocery store

1. Phoebe

2. Phoebe’s personal grocery cart

3. first stop…bakery, the ladies at the bakery know her and great her by name. She stands and chats with them for a bit, they give her a cookie and then its time to get to business.

Foto 1 (700 of 1)She is taking her new responsibilities very seriously. She is serious about labels.

Foto 2 (700 of 1) Foto 3 (700 of 1) and she loves loves loves a good deal!!

Foto 4 (700 of 1) Foto 5 (700 of 1) She is all about the produce section.

Foto 6 (700 of 1) Cecilia was not happy. Foto 7 (700 of 1) and she certainly didn’t stay mad

Foto 8 (700 of 1)Cecilia is about to bust out of her commando crawling stage into crawling on all fours. She is so close!
20 (20 of 1)21 (20 of 1)
so many good things happening and so much productivity on the horizon

22 (20 of 1)

just enjoying life!

Page-01and ducks!!

19 (20 of 1)

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