Lately, Phoebe and I like to play this game where I ask her what her name is and she responds simply by saying, “Chris-mis”, then she proceeds to sing the ‘jingle bell’ song and finally following up with a, “Santa, Merry Chris – mis, ho ho ho”. So the conversation goes something like this,

Angie: Phoebe, what’s your name?

Phoebe: Chris(t – silent ‘t’) – Mas…jingle bells (song in its entirety), Santa, Merry Chris(silent ‘t’ again) – mas, ho ho ho!

I have no idea why she started doing that or even where she got it from, but because she is who she is, to me, it is the coolest thing EVER!!!

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Thanks to my sweet mother, I am finally ready to enjoy and celebrate the holidays with friends and family! I needed her to help me get into the holiday spirit. She is so good at blasting those Christmas carols on the radio, singing out loud, putting her red Christmas apron on and masterminding her way throughout the kitchen! To me, I can never fully accept the holiday of giving is near,  until our gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree. Not Nana! She just sings her way through the holidays and laughs with everyone and enjoys everything. That’s what I remember about our holiday’s as a child. I always remember her dancing in the kitchen, singing, cooking, laughing!


 Once Nana got here with her cookie making agenda, Greg and I were free to prepare for the holiday’s, have fun with the girls and take Nana out for a night on the town. So thank you Nana! You bring a so much joy into our lives and we miss you so much!


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We had our own bunny moment (from the Christmas story) last week. Aunt Cynthia and cousin Ellie, sent these adorable dresses, skirts and body suits for the girls. Nana and I dressed the girls and sat them in front of the camera…BEGGING them to sit still and look at the camera. It was as if we were asking Abby to give up all of her toys in the photo above. She was absolutely miserable!


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Thanks to Nana and the girls, the cookies turned out fantastic!

b (1 of 1)-4yum!

I am excited to celebrate Christmas with my family tomorrow! This holiday is starting off on a yummy note!

Merry Christmas!!

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