EIGHTY-FIVE…holiday ramblings

I don’t know exactly what it is about this little girl, maybe it’s her chubby cheeks, her adorable little nose, those amazingly bright eyes or that incredible emerging personality or the way she rocks her sassy stance when I am holding her…but she has all of us wrapped around her cute little fingers. We call her “Boss” in this house.

It is funny watching her watch her sisters. I see her thought process as she watches them so intently. She is trying to figure out how to get involved in their chaos. Boss will watch them from afar and then crawl to where they are and place herself in just the right distance to accept a task. Unfortunately, they forget to include her…

I think seeing her sisters interact in this way is a huge motivator for her to crawl faster and begin using more sounds. She is trying her very best to communicate in her own way. We are using sign as a way to help her communicate her wants/needs. I have been told by her therapists that speech is usually the last skill children with Down Syndrome develop. Mastering their physical selves is the primary goal for children with DS. So we are making it a priority! We want to hear what she has to say!

on another note…

I am feeling inspired this holiday season. My creative juices are flowing! I had an amazing photo session with a friend this weekend. It was so inspiring and I cannot wait to get out there again! I love thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo.

It is surreal for me to be ‘getting in the holiday spirit and thus decorating when it is so beautiful outside’. I was hanging lights in shorts yesterday. Very odd indeed! But it is something I can see myself getting used to. After we decorated we piled in the car for a last minute trip to the beach.


I think Boss is impressed with the tree, though she needed to inspect the limbs, she ultimately gave it a thumbs up as long as Phoebe promised to stop removing the lights and decorations. Phoebe remains silent on the issue and refuses to comment.

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