EIGHTY-FOUR…bring on the festivities…

I remember babysitting for my niece and nephew were around the ages of my kids now. I would watch my sister-in-law and think to myself, “man she is so busy, running a household, raising kids, taking care of pets and running errands. She was always going somewhere and always busy with something. Driving the kids to practice, friends houses…schools.” I couldn’t wait to start my family. Mostly because My nephews and nieces were pretty amazing little people.
I caught myself thinking the same thoughts with my friend Stephanie when I was pregnant with Phoebe. Stephanie had her home, three beautiful children and her house was loud and full of life. She was always busy and running from one end of her home to the other and going into HYPER-DRIVE in order to make it out of her house to pick her kids up from school. I couldn’t wait. Abby was two years old at the time and so much fun.  I couldn’t wait to meet Phoebe, put her little outfits on, kiss her little sleepy head…I couldn’t wait for them to be sisters and do sister things. Play on the playground together, run around the house together and play in the bathtub together. I couldn’t wait to take them to soccer games and ballet class…Well here I am.


Driving kids to school, preschool, therapies, doctors appointments, friends houses, meeting friends for lunch dates, having Friday night pizza with friends, wiping up pee from my friends carpet…thank you Phoebe for that last one.

Cramming everything into a weekend

that’s what we do now.

And with holiday’s quickly approaching, there is no slowing down for us!


Bring on the festivities!!!

5 thoughts on “EIGHTY-FOUR…bring on the festivities…

  1. I’m with you, mama! I can’t remember the last time when I wasn’t busy, and I’m not a normally busy person. I try to keep things calm by keeping outings to a minimum, but even in-house things to do pile up! I think it’s because they’re so dependent on us so we have to take care of ourselves PLUS them, sigh!

  2. Loved this post! I no longer require babysitting services and my oldest is now driving(!) but we are still busy… And still trying to live in the moment like you do so well. It is so much fun to watch and share this part of your life with you (albeit from from afar- thank goodness for blogs, instagram and skype!). It is also great to have you to help me remember what it was like! I only wish I could have recorded it all like you are doing- what a treasured gift to yourself and your family!

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