EIGHTY-TWO…it’s all good

When Abby was born, Greg and I had the brand new tv monitors. We placed it in her crib angling it perfectly so it would look right into that amazing little face. By the third night, we had to unplug it…but not because she was refusing to sleep or loud or even crying.


We had to unplug it, because we weren’t getting any sleep…we were hooked on ‘ABBY VISION’. It was the most amazing thing ever invented. We would lay together on our tummys and with the screen 4 inches from our faces, watch intently for a little sigh, mouth flicker, arm jerk or that face babies make when they are just about to cry…

and then they just don’t.

my baby girl is about to turn 6 at the end of the week.

on the one hand, I am so proud of the little girl she is becoming and feel as though I have done a pretty okay job of keeping track of milestones, carefully filling up my piggy bank with lots of good memories…

but on the other hand, I would give almost anything to visit my younger self again to get those moments back…smelling her beautiful baby head, the amazingly pure intoxicating baby breath, those little chubby legs, arm roles, sweet little white bottom and those first smiles. I want to tell my friends who are new to this journey, try to write down EVERYTHING. How you feel, what your bundle smells like, how the two of you bonded…and not just for the baby books, but for yourself.

Those amazing moments are fleeting. We get so wrapped up in having a clean house, tackling those laundry piles, shuffling everyone off to their appointments, trying to look like we have it all together…before you know it, you are preparing for another birthday party.

I am feeling a bit nostalgic lately

Fall always does that to me

It’s the time of year, I really notice the small details and want to capture the full story

And this post concludes my ode to Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We accomplished quite a bit this month. Our family attended our first ever Buddy Walk. It was so inspirational for us.  Cecilia met several milestones this month. She is a little pro at pushing herself up to a sitting position. It’s an important milestone because it gives her quite a bit more independence than she had before. Now if she doesn’t like her view, she doesn’t have to wait on Mommy to ‘re-adjust’ her, she can do it herself.

Phoebe is a talking maniac. She talks all the time, mostly using the english language. Sometimes she uses her own version of ewok…it’s cute as hell, until she becomes IRATE because we can’t understand her. She’s working on it though…and doing great!

Abby loves Kindergarten and is excited about reading. She likes me to give her spelling tests…I needed to write that down. I want her to see it in print in case the day ever comes where she doesn’t enjoy spelling tests. I am sure that day will come sooner rather than later.

Greg is all about surfing after breakfast, during lunch and before bedtime. I have never seen him so enthusiastic about something other than his family and providing for his family. I like to see his passion and to be quite honest, it re-ignites my passion for him and our marriage.  His passion inspires me.

I just ran my first half-marathon. Greg surprised me along the route and met me at several different locations. Seeing him gave me energy and gave me a little extra hitch in my GIDDY-UP! I am geeked to do it again in the beginning of December. I am following it up with a marathon in January…There’s something about the sun and the heat…I want to be out in it all the time. It practically begs me to get out there and pound away at that pavement.

SInce the days are getting cooler, Bear is able to be outside quite a bit longer…which I know he enjoys. He is such a happy soul.

It’s a happy time.

We are all in a good place…

I am going to enjoy it

and one last time, Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month! It is a privilege to be apart of this amazing group of individuals who consequently, are more like us than different.

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