Today might have been the ‘BEST DAY EVER’

We started the weekend off with a good old-fashioned Buddy Walk…

I must admit, since it was my first time attending this major Down syndrome event, I was not exactly sure what to expect and consequently in a hurry to get there. The festivities began bright and early at 8 am. I wanted to be there at 7:55 am. Of course, life happened and my plans were foiled…mainly because I failed to tell everyone else in the house of my plans/expectations.

It was an amazing day…We weren’t there 15 minutes and already we had met a very inspiring young lady named Katie Henderson. Katie is 30 years old living with Down syndrome. She is well spoken, beautiful, intelligent and happens to be a talented artist. I must say I was completely inspired! She is experiencing huge success right now, selling her paintings and mixed media work all over the world. Her work is featured in Magazines, museums and galleries!The Buddy Walk went a little something like this…

Our families friend Ava…such a little sweetheart. AND a little fashionista as well. I have only seen Ava in her pink glasses…on Saturday she had on blue glasses. Very diva-ish of her if you ask me. A beautiful little girl!

There was a moment or two or maybe more than I care to admit where I was overcome with sadness. I want more than anything to be apart of this organization. I want to know these amazing individuals. I want these people to be excited to see not only myself and Greg, but our children. Ultimately I want to be more involved.

So for our little family, the Buddy Walk was inspiring and amazing!

I cannot wait for Tuesday Night’s organizational meeting!

the rest of our weekend was quite busy as well.

Cecilia and I are practicing our Therapies when we can and she is excelling at all of her mini goals…

such concentration!

and digging for just the right block…

and here we have more digging…

Love me some Cecilia Turtle!!! She has been doing this thing with her lip lately…where she tucks the top lip behind her two little bottom teeth. So cute and I can’t get enough of it!

so all in all, it was a weekend filled with meeting new people, trying new things, spending time downtown and of course on the beach, as well as cozying up together at home in front of mommies camera.

ah gloriousness.

I am ready to begin the week!

Happy Monday…and

Happy Down syndrome Awareness Month!!!


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