SEVENTY-NINE…sometimes there are no words

When I went to my first Down Syndrome Awareness Group meeting I met a mother who spoke about her sons’ older sister. When her son was younger, in elementary school, his older sister (who was only 9 or 10) was suspended from school for slapping another child. When the principal asked the sister why she slapped the child, the sister said, “because he called my brother the “r” word.”

While I personally do not condone violence, the story inspired an unfiltered, honest gut reaction from me and I just started laughing.

The mom said she did not punish her daughter.

Which made me laugh a little bit harder.

 I should mention the mother confessed she doesn’t condone violence either, but when your children, the people you care the most about in this world mind you, are insulted, threatened, teased or made to feel ‘less than’ in some way, a little slap might do the offender some good.

At least I hope so.

I am confident that Cecilia will be well-protected

This weekend is the ‘Buddy Walk’…and I cannot wait to attend!

My sweet mom was here this past week. We were running around like wild turkeys all week trying to make the most of the short time we had together. She made the most wonderful veggie soup and we are reminded of her awesomeness every time we take a bite!!!


We miss you Nana!Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!!

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