My beautiful baby girl
It has been such an incredible year

our sweet turtle has made so much progress this past year

So many times I have wished the moments after her birth would have been different. I wish I would have been able to hold her longer after she was born. Sometimes I think if I had those moments back, it would have been less emotional because we would have been together. Eventually, I did find solace and peace in our moments alone together in the weeks following her birth. But the truth is, I long for those moments after she was born back.

I just wanted to be with her.

Everyone who meets her, instantly falls in love with her.

She’s got a way about her.

The pictures above and following are of her time with her Physical Therapist, Miss Candy. She has become a member of our family. 

I can’t even think about life without her.  All I can do is write about how much I love her, happy I am that she is in my life,…how much she has changed my life and made me a better person …blah blah blah.

Sometimes I secretly wish I would be called upon by hospital nurses to come and speak with a family who just gave birth to a beautiful baby with that one amazing designer jean we all know as Down syndrome. I have it all planned out. First I would give them a copy of the best and most uplifting book I have ever read about a family with a Down syndrome child, I would congratulate them and ask to hold the beautiful bundle…I would then kiss, snuggle and bundle that baby as if she were my own, hug the beautiful mommy and tell her how lucky she is to have such a beautiful baby!

I guess if I were being totally honest, that is how I wanted my story to go.

Every baby should be celebrated.

Happy Down syndrome Awareness month!

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