SEVENTY-SEVEN…is having spirit the same thing as being stubborn??

Last Sunday we took the kids downtown after dinner for a little ice cream treat and a nice evening walk around our little quaint beachy village. It was a nice way to end the weekend. It is always an EVENT to take everyone out in public…especially since we have one who most definitely WILL NOT listen, no matter how we




or cajole…depending on how you look at the situation

or try reverse psychology with our, “ok, bye-bye Phoebe…see ya later!’

It never works.

This child marches to the beat of her own two-year old drum

one thing is for sure, she loves her big sister.

That’s besides the point though…

Half the battle of getting out of the house is picking out an outfit for Phoebe that doesn’t send her into a fit of hysterics. Seriously. It takes 45 minutes of persuading her to just put on the pair of pants because her pink dresses are dirty. And believe me, we are using time-outs, and sometimes we eventually pull her limp body through the head, armhole and leg openings cause there are no other choices…and we are tired and just want to get out of the house at a reasonable time.Sometimes I catch myself saying things like, “she just needs to get a little bit older” or “I can’t wait for the day when she actually listens to me” or “will she ever get to the point where she will want to help me?”. Frustration gets the better of me sometimes and consequently makes me wish my children’s ‘childhood’ away.

She is a typical 2 year old…stubborn, working on asserting her independence, testing boundaries/limitations, and voicing her opinions…and expecting those opinions to be recognized, heard and respected.

I am having one of those months with my middle child…where we seem to be butting heads more often than not. I went on a walk with her today and intended for the walk to be on Phoebe’s terms…and for the first 45 minutes, we poked around, smelled flowers, jumped on tree berries on the side-walk and I felt like we were bonding. Then I heard thunder. Everything up to that point was wonderful, and then the thunder just made everything turn to crap. I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say power struggles when impending rain, thunder and lightening are right around the corner can really muck up mommy/daughter bonding plans!!!

I don’t want to wish away her childhood…

but I eagerly await the day I can ask her a simple yes or no question, ask her to put her clothes/shoes on and she listens and responds.

I love her spirit!

4 thoughts on “SEVENTY-SEVEN…is having spirit the same thing as being stubborn??

  1. I have one of these. He’s seventeen now, driving, and I just finished writing a description of him for his high school guidance counselor. He excels when things are on HIS terms, in HIS timeline. This has been the case since he came to us two weeks late at the end of a very hot August in 1995. I wouldn’t have him any other way. Enjoy Phoebe and her independence. Time moves way too fast. 🙂

    • ‘his terms’ sounds like something I would say about Phoebe. I know about not ‘wishing away’ their childhood, but man she is difficult right now! thanks for the story…good to know it’s not us being terrible parents! Well not completely anyway!

  2. The one like this in our family is newly 4. He has his own ideas, and they often clash with conventionality. At least you can take yours out in public…it is a good day when ours will cross the parking lot holding our hand and not speaking his mind! (…)

    • SSM, too funny! We are definitely experiencing the whole running away from us in the parking lot thing. So scary and naughty. Gives me heart palpitations! Thanks for including your email…I have been meaning to shoot you a quick email!!!

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