I was driving back from the dentist this morning by myself, which is important to note, because so rarely do I find myself ‘alone’. I was listening to XM and one of my all-time favorite bands ‘The Black Crows’ came on with my all-time favorite song Soul Singing…and I just have to say, there is only one way to listen to The Black Crows,


The sun was shining, I was going over the Roosevelt Bridge, the sunshine was gleaming off the water and in that moment, everything was perfect. I wasn’t worrying about Cecilia not eating finger foods or Phoebe’s stubbornness or wondering how Abby was doing well in school or any of the other crap that consumes my mind. It was me, the sun, my car and an awesome song! Sometimes I just need those moments alone when I can lose myself in a great moment, when the world aligns just to make me realize all the amazing things around me.

I met a friend downtown for brunch and we sat outside eating and chatting about our kids, husbands and busy schedules…I love meeting friends downtown. It was a great time. Before I knew it, it was time to pick Miss Phoebe up from Pre-K.

On our way home we were caught in a torrential downpour. One of those rains where you just want to curl up on the couch with socks on your feet and a big wooly blanket and I want to look at Miss Phoebe and tell her how much I love her, smell her little strawberry breath, scratch her little back and stare at her perfect profile! Augh…I’m in it. I love days like today.

I love my family!

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