SEVENTY-FOUR…getting back into the swing of things!

2 weeks have passed since my last post. The time has flown by. There have been many situations I would have loved to blog about, but life got in the way. So many things have happened in such a short time period…

Ceci – our little turtle is mimicking us like crazy, carrying on private jibber jabber conversations, and in the beginning stages of commando crawling.

At 13 months she still won’t budge on finger foods (but we offer it at every meal). Looks like she’s going to follow in the footsteps of her sisters as far as stubborn attitude goes.

It’s so hard to tell yourself to “be patient” and “she will eat finger foods when she is ready”. But it’s true. She will eat solids when she is good and ready. AND NOT A BIT SOONER!

Phoebe has begun the potty training period. We are taking it one day at a time. She did great on Saturday, regressed on Sunday and today was a total miss. All of the sudden she was terrified of the toilet. Excellent! Good times! The good news is she is really taking off in her communication skills. She is whipping out 3/5 word phrases. So proud of her for using her words!

And then there’s Abby…she is reading everything she can get her little hands on. She is a drawing and letter writing machine! She always wants to write how much she loves Ceci and Phoebe! It’s very sweet! When she gets home, she sets her book bag down and runs outside to check the mail to see if she received any Halloween Catalogs in the mail. Her most favorite thing to do, is to scour over the magazine to decide what costume she will pick for Halloween. So far, she picked a witch, a princess, strawberry shortcake and now we are back on the witch…”the pretty one though, with the pink tights!!!”

When I look back at myself two weeks ago, I have a good laugh. I thought, once Abby goes to school, we will have so much time together. HA!

I was so naive.

Above are some random pictures from the last two weeks, of things I personally find inspiring! The sun peeking through the trees, a rather large turtle just hangin’ round in our backyard and the very first one of Phoebe’s tricycle…it looks so magical in the sparkling sunshine!

Below is a picture of a little person I am inspired by…my little turtle!  I am feeling thankful and appreciative on this Monday! I can’t wait to see how we are going to mix things up this week!

Happy week and Happy Labor Day to everyone!

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