SEVENTY-THREE…my little sailfish!!!

Abby Leigh

Miss kindergartener…

What can I say about my first-born going to school…

Is it normal for mommies on the first day to be so extremely excited that instead of crying, nervous energy manifesting itself in hyper overjoyed behavior??? I didn’t shed a single tear. I was so excited for her. She was excited and adorable, with her little book bag, lunchbox and water bottle.

The school is so cool. It is made up of several different buildings and instead of having indoor hallways, everyone must walk on the outside to get to another building, cafeteria, office or another classroom.

The gymnasium is outside, but of course covered so no worries about lack of sun protection. They have little gardens to plant their vegetables. I like the idea of having to be outside, seems very progressive to me. and the hours are different…school begins early and ends early for everyone. That will take some getting used to, I thought I would have all this free time…but turns out, right after lunch/nap times, seems like I am out the door to pick Miss Abby up from kindergarten. And yes, kindergarten is everyday, all day.

Of course, running into our very best friends Elise, Lynn and Avery!!! Made our morning more special!

And her teacher seems so sweet and energetic and experienced! It also seems like the kids in the class are a good group of kids with some pretty awesome parents! Everyone is very nice and friendly. It’s Kindergarten!!!

On her second day, I was going to walk her to her class again, but she said, “mommy, is it ok if I just go on all by myself to my classroom without you?”. I was so impressed. I went through the dreaded morning car line, with very little trouble I might add, and let her out of the car and that was that. She RAN to her classroom never looking back! See ya later! Love ya! Hope you have a great day!!!

My first baby will soon be en route to her third and final day of Kindergarten before embarking on a relaxing weekend. Did you catch that? I will say it again,


That’s the hope anyway. I am tired of seeing the inside of our Honda minivan. I don’t want to be in a hurry, I want to sit on the beach while reading/perusing magazines, listening to the waves crash onto the beach and the seagulls flying above.

It has been extremely quiet in our home during the school day…Abby brings such a specific light to our home. Luckily we have Cecilia and her cat twisting noises! And Phoebe of course, with her animal dramas…it’s always an intense moment to see if the animals are going to be friends again after such an epic and traumatic battle.

Ahhhhh it’s almost FRIDAY!!!!

I am proud of my little Sailfish (her school mascot)!

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