SEVENTY-TWO…dreaming of the fall

I am yearning for all things fall now. With school starting as soon as next week for Abby, it will be challenging to just get up and go like we are used to. I have been dreaming of jumping in the car with everyone and heading north to Michigan and then to Tennessee…Michigan first because it will be cooler than TN.

Right around this time of year, I begin to yearn for all things fall. When I enter the craft stores, all of their decorations are out, the Halloween pumpkins and scary witches and Thanksgiving cornucopia’s and turkey serving platters magically transport me to a cooler climate and streets lined with orange, yellow, red leaved trees! I wonder how this warm weather climate is going to affect my sense of holiday wonder.

I want to buy Halloween stickers for our windows and Halloween yard art for my flower bed….I feel as though it might be too soon?

My last months in Tennessee, all I could think about was walking along the beach with the family and we are all wearing fleeces and feeling cozy…because it actually gets chilly in the winter months. Also, my temperature has adjusted itself…60 degrees is quite chilly to me now.

Anywhoo…Miss CC is full on sitting on her own. The more she practices, the better she gets!! She rocks!

1 thought on “SEVENTY-TWO…dreaming of the fall

  1. I love the pictures of CC!! She is doing great!! well, come on back to TN for the fall…we’ll be glad to have ya!! miss ya!!
    oh give CC and Phobe a great big ole hug from me!!

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