SIXTY-NINE…jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

We are approximately 23 weeks away from Christmas!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Christmas

and it’s July…

I am excited to decorate the Christmas tree and our house in warm weather. I am sure it will be strange.

Since we’re here, I think I might try to start a new tradition….

having a clam bake for brunch, opening presents, then going to the beach for an afternoon of play

We have never done a ‘clam bake’ before…we should probably have one before we make it our signature Christmas meal

My sweet girl

I wish they could maintain their curiosity and innocence at this age forever

I was watching the news this morning, when she woke up and marched her little sassy self down the steps for her usual morning snuggles and milk. I made the mistake of leaving the channel on while I went to retrieve her milk. I peeked over the counter and I see the top of her little head innocently watching the latest report of the Colorado Tragedy.

Yeah, she’s only 2, but who knows what she understands. By the time I made it to the remote control she was looking at the tv with such confusion…of course I am projecting my sadness onto her, I am sure she doesn’t understand the verbage being put out there, but the way she was sitting and watching, looked to me like she was not believing what she was hearing. Totally reaching on that one.

One day, too soon, she will come to know the harshness of her world.

But for now, I will just turn off the tv in the morning and sing Christmas songs in July.

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