SIXTY-EIGHT…it’s official

It’s official…Greg and I are grown-ups.

I was in the garage when my best friend (Greggy of course) came to tell me some friends of ours are separated…getting the big ‘D’.

It’s upsetting and it’s hard not to let it permeate into our lives…makes me ‘re-examine’ our relationship. I go into a full inner-self LOCK DOWN in order to stick our relationship under a microscopic lens.

And then I go for an early morning run. The music, my feet pounding the floor, and time alone does my soul some good. The truth is and always has been, that we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.  I do believe that I can never truly know someone…because people are always changing. And that doesn’t have to be a negative thing. I have undergone a major change in the last year. I used to proclaim I was moving to Alaska to live in a log cabin, hike everyday, wear sweaters, boots, read and live amongst nature.

“How was I planning on supporting myself”, you ask? Excellent question. I was so  going to be a famous stage actress who was so SUCCESSFUL, I would only need to work every so often. (Please stop laughing…I was only a kid) (Ok, so it was last year…I’m a dreamer)

Here we are living in sunny southern Florida. I don’t even flinch in 90 degree heat, the humidity is like a fluffy blanket, I go to the beach 2/3 times a week, I own more than 5 swim suits, 6 fluffy beach towels, a beach cart, 2 beach blankets, a beach umbrella, 3 beach folding chairs, I shave my legs every chance I get and give myself pedicures. This begs the question, “WHO AM I?”

My heart goes out to my friends. I hope for their happiness and if being apart, means being happy, then I have to support them.

it’s official…we are “ADULTS”.

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