Everywhere I walk in this house, there are little beds for stuffed animals and dolls laying corners.

Abby and Phoebe take all of the wash cloths out of the drawers and put their little village of princess dolls and zoo animals to bed.

On the one hand, it makes me irate…it seems I am constantly looking for wash cloths AND putting RANDOM toys away.

On the other hand, It’s kind of heartwarming to see them being so kind to their toys. I have given them all the receiving blankets we have collected through the years as well as the burp rags, which coincidentally make excellent beds for animals, small princess dolls and barbies…but for some reason they want the wash cloths. It’s odd too because the burp rags are terry and all different shades of pink…my washcloths are blue and frankly smell ATROCIOUS! 


Abby was asking about how to say CC’s full name. We practiced “Cecilia Rae Spranger” and then we moved on to her own name and Phoebe’s name. Then we moved onto Nana’s name “Roletta Bell Wyle” I kept saying “LoRetta” and she would repeat after me with her usual “RoLetta”…this went on for approximately 5 minutes. I was trying so hard not to let her see me laugh (I certainly don’t want her to think I am laughing at her, even though I am)…but it was absolutely adorable. She was convinced she was saying it correctly…”RoLetta” “Roletta” “ROLETTA”. I keep making mental notes about having to remember these cute little things, because eventually she will say these things correctly, and that will be the end of that chapter.

Finally we moved on to Nana’s last name, “Lyle” to which she responded “Wyle” or “while”…Again I am hiding my face in my hands and tears are streaming down my cheeks and she keeps asking, “mommy are you sad?” which makes the situation even more endearing. When I tried to slow-it-down and ennunciate, her “Wyle” became “Waiyal”. At that moment I thought, this moment exists to let me know that I still have a southern accent. And finally, the picture above is of Abby eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a pickle topper…looked gross to me, but she thinks it’s outstanding!

Abby went to retrieve the mail today and in it we found a letter from sweet E. her cousin, my niece! The one we just did a photo shoot with…she is so sweet to write a thank you note. Such an awesome little girl!!! Abby wanted to do a ‘photo shoot’ of her getting the mail…OK! Don’t ask me twice!! So Abby wanted to write Miss E. a letter and draw her a picture too.

It’s 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. I am listening to Astrud Gilberto Radio on Pandora and looking out of our big side window watching the trees sway back and forth in the wind. Phoebe and CC are sleeping, Abby is putting her dolls to bed and Bear is laying on the cool tile floor beside me. I can hear the wind chimes dancing on the back porch and the sun is shining. I am hoping my true love will skip his afternoon responsibilities and take us all out to our favorite bistro for fish tacos as we sit in our usual spot on the waterfront.

Ah, the weekend!

2 thoughts on “SIXTY-SEVEN…randomness

  1. Omg I love this. I soooo wish I had done this with my babies….journaling/blogging. My brother said the other day “it’s like trying to grab a handful of sand…” Or ” trying to corrale/round up a herd of cats”. I just couldn’t have expressed it better than that! Love you guys!

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