SIXTY-SIX…identity crisis

The past two weeks have flown by…I am sure this is not the first time I have started a post with those very words…

I dragged my poor 13-year-old niece on 2 separate photo shoots in 4 different locations when she visited with my mom last week. We had so much fun and I gained some valuable experience from the time I spent with her. More than anything else, it was fun to take pictures of someone who doesn’t mind having a camera in their face!!!

Miss E. is so cool, easy, fun-loving, all around awesome girl to be around!! We miss you terribly!!!!

Friday I had the privilege of shooting a beautiful and intimate wedding. And this weekend I have a 50 year reunion to shoot. What has happened?

And perhaps more importantly,


I am going through an IDENTITY CRISIS…

I was outside today planting more flowers, watering flowers, taking Abby, Phoebe and our little friend Ava to the store, blowing bubbles in the backyard and finding any excuse to be outside. We were outside all day!! I never caught myself complaining about the heat. I love it…the heat, the humidity, the sun, the beach, the salty smell in the air, everything!!! I am in it right now.

I would like to thank you Niece E. for your overall enthusiasm for life, but most of all for enjoying having someone in your face with a camera. Thanks to you, Abby begs me to take her picture now and even Phoebe poses and smiles for the camera.




4 thoughts on “SIXTY-SIX…identity crisis

  1. What a fabulous shoot, from bringing out her great features, to the pink balloons on the beach! You have wonderful talent. Yes, humidity is such a non-issue when the scent of the sea distracts! Good luck on your other shoots!

  2. Oh, how I love your photos! They breathe life. The one blowing the hearts is one of my favorites and the last of your little one, amazing. You capture the spirits of your subjects so well. I’m in awe. –tw

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