SIXTY-FOUR…monday happiness/oxymoron??

I have been trying to write this post for 2 weeks now…so ridiculous

life keeps happening

Our Busha came down for a visit…we rocked this town!!! Busha exhausted my girls and I am pretty sure my girls exhausted their Busha!!! It’s always a little sad to say goodbye. Abby, as always had a hard time after Busha left. It was easy having her here and we are looking forward to her next visit!!!

But while she was here…

Greg and I went on a date night to a local restaurant…it was a little late on a Friday evening. We were just there for some drinks and appetizers…but the people watching proved to be the ultimate entertainment, so we split an entrée in order to make sure we ‘took it all in’. Apparently, 8 o’clock is the rendezvous hour for singles. AND let me tell you, rendezvous it was!!! There was a live band and I saw some very tight jeans, dickies (the clothing) (just had to throw that in there to amuse my childlike sense of humor), cleavage, chest hair…and the ultimate poison for my eyes, I saw a 85-year-old man grinding on what looked to be a young woman in her 20’s. I started crying I was laughing so hard. Greg and I ogled and whispered and really had a great time! Thank you Florida, for making it ok to have a freak flag!!! I love this place man!

back to our busy two weeks,

We visited the Children’s Museum in Miami…INSANE!

I got a rough draft of my gallery site up and running…and might I add, have already sold some prints

I survived Abby’s first week at day camp…and had a glimpse of what our school days will look like with Miss Abby gone during the day. She had a blast and keeps asking to go back. We are scrambling to find something else for her. It really shouldn’t be too difficult, as there are so many options here.

We attended Abby’s soccer practice and an actual game

And I just have to say, I am very impressed with how well she and her team mates did during the game…much thanks to the patient coaches!!! You girls are AWESOME!!!

The picture below is just to let everyone and anyone know that Abby is never too busy to do a cart-wheel!!! We definitely don’t want any confusion on that issue!!!

We visited the West Palm Zoo…TWICE!!

It was nice!!

I snuck over to my (girlfriends) neighbors house for drinks and apps this past Friday night! I have 2 girlfriends in my neighborhood…I totally belong here!!! SO, those are just some of the reasons I have been…unavailable.

I am having a moment of…

“I cannot believe I live here”

I have met so many awesome people, we have awesome neighbors, we shop at a Publix Grocery store and we can go to the beach ANYTIME WE WANT!!!!



Listening to Beach Fossils, editing pictures and dinking around with my photo editing software…

One of my most favorite things about living at the beach is, going to the beach.

I get such a rush when we approach the beginning of the stairs or walkway.

I can smell and practically taste the salt in the air, hear the waves crashing, see the dune grass waving back and forth in the breeze and feel that wonderful sand beneath my toes. All of my senses are alive and doing well. I always try to stop and take it all in before I take that first step onto the pathway of eternal happiness.

Who knew I could be so happy on a Monday???

I think I went a little crazy for this post…

The good news is, I feel good about putting my craziness out there

4 thoughts on “SIXTY-FOUR…monday happiness/oxymoron??

    • Friend Train Whistle, you said it! The beach is magical, and a small quaint little beach town is even more magical! I’m so glad you tagged along!!!

  1. Mrs. Angie, thank you for reminding me how awesome it is to be at the beach – yes, you. I am going thru a lot of stress right now (not w/David), and even though I’m beached too, I needed that reminder through your words and photos of how blessed we are to be where we are. God moves in ways we can’t understand – you just gave back to me what inspiration you may have gotten before. Bless you, dear friend. I hope Debby didn’t get you too wet.

    • Sometimes we all need a little reminder. I’m sorry for your stress!
      You threw me off when you mentioned Debbie…my step sisters name is Debbie, and for a second I thought you knew her…no we haven’t expierienced Debbie and her wrath. I feel for those who have!! I hope your stresses ease up. Your in my thoughts!!!

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