SIXTY-THREE…the certainties of life are comforting

Like always, the past week has been crazy

The ear infection is on its way OUT!!! Doing a mini-victory dance…those things hurt, and can turn you into a scary version of Marlon Brando…and really, who wants that???

Laura, Ruby and Leslie, I really loved the impromptu phone call/advice session. Minutes after we got off the phone, my doctor called and asked how I was doing (gotta love that personal service) and offered to prescribe an antibiotic. So, I went for the drugs! Seriously girls, the impromptu phone call made me feel like a teenager again…I feel like we should be doing this once a week….advice, thoughts on the matter???

Last weekend I managed to wrangle in some unassuming individuals into doing photo shoots. I did one engagement shoot on Saturday at a nearby park and the other (a family portrait session) at the beach Sunday evening. Both times I was shakin’ in my boots!!! I was so nervous. For my first pro-gig(s), I am pleased with the turn out. I was tweaking the photo’s all week, trying to showcase them in an online gallery along with some of my other fine art prints via the website. I guess I have to be a self promoter now…I am working on the online gallery as we speak and will post a link in the coming days.  In the meantime, I am having so much fun taking pictures and editing when I can.

What an exciting time!

I welcome more part-time work and am excited to get out there again.

AND on a more harmonious note, little Cecilia turned 10 months 2 weeks ago. 10 months. 2 more months and she will be a year old. Just doesn’t seem possible. I find myself thinking things like, “It’s Monday…what happened to Sunday” or “It’s 4 in the afternoon…when just a few minutes ago it was 10” and “She was just 6 months old yesterday and now she’s 10 months”…

Time is flying by.

She is all about the connection now and always seems to have an anticipatory smile on her face waiting for one of us to make her giggle. I pretty much always fall to her every whim and would break my back if I thought it would make her laugh from her gut. Due to her low-muscle tone, she is still working on sitting up unassisted and we are now working on helping her commando-crawl. She works very hard and enjoys time she spends with her therapists.

Lately, when we are out and about I seem to constantly run into other families with 10 month olds…the conversation always begins there…”oh how old is your baby” there is a notable difference in the size and weight of most other 10 month olds her age, so when I tell them she is 10 months, the inevitable question always follows, “she’s so small, was she a preemie?” “No” I say, “she has, “Down syndrome, so she will be ‘smaller’ a little bit longer” and as always one of two things happen

1. people make the ‘sad’ face and immediately apologize


2. they study her beautiful face in search of something to say

neither of which bother me in the slightest. I think people might say to me, you don’t have to explain yourself or even say ‘anything’. But to be honest, I am so proud of her and welcome any moment which allows me to talk about how amazing she is and brag about how proud her daddy and I are. Those two certainties can be lumped in with all the other certainties of life I can count on…

number 1…coffee tastes better when I brush my teeth the night before

number 2…days are always better when the sun is shining

number 3…days are always better when there is music in the background

number 4…walls and refrigerators are much more interesting when children’s artwork adorns them

number 5…as soon as my husband leaves the house in the morning to go surfing, all the sleeping children wake up

Just to name a few

Gotta love ‘certainties’!

When my friend Karla moved away from her family she said, “I miss having people (family) doting on my babies”. Amen to that! One of the things I miss most about being near family is the built-in love and adoration that comes naturally. I want to hear all the wonderful things anyone has to say about all of my children…because I am certainly in love with them!

Greg and I had a date on Friday…I wrangled in a babysitter whom my children already know and love!! I am always ‘wrangling someone into something’! My mind was spinning with all the possibilities of our ‘free’ night!!! It was just the kind of break I needed!!!

And on a side note to this extraordinarily bland post, Miss Abby was getting ready for her first day of camp at the Oceanographic Center as a member of the Salty-Species Group, when she spotted a turtle hanging out in our yard. Girl has an amazing eye, its green shell was camouflaged by the grass…I really had to do some scanning to find it. I was impressed with the size though! She was as big or bigger than our little 15 b turtle!

Today, I am all about the certainties of life.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. Happy Tuedays (now very early Wednesday) to you too! Can’t believe Cecilia is almost one….or that your husband surfs. And congrats on your first professional photo shoots. It’s about time!!!!

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