SIXTY-ONE…she’s got soul but she’s not a soldier

This week has been hectic to say the least…

The end of the semester grades were due and it seems I had more students and consequently more work to grade than previous semesters. Glad it’s over…I can’t wait for my paycheck! I am going to take myself out for a a date with Ruby Jo, my memory recorder…otherwise known as my Canon…we will head to the beach and drink some sparkling lemon ice water, cause it’s too freakin’ hot to drink anything else, and we are going to take pictures of anything and everything!

4 out of the 5 people in this house have been sick for a week straight. I have been to the pediatricians office 5 times in the past two weeks. I am glad I get along so well with the doctor and her office staff…at this point I feel as if we are all old friends or I have started a job where my responsibilities include packing everyone in the car, visiting with Dr’s, nursing staff and office people, packing everyone back in the car (cause really that’s the most challenging part…who cares about taking them out, shovelling in, yanking on the seatbelt and shoving those little silver things in their holders, through all those crumbs and sticky stuff)…I digress…driving to the pharmacy, driving home, fixing lunch and putting sick sleeping babies down for naps and then trying to convince Abby to color or play outside so I can have a minute to myself…


A minute to myself.

That’s funny.

Somewhere in the past two weeks of grading and taking care of sick babies and hubbies, I have gotten myself my first professional photography gig. Laura Brewer, I would like you to know I took your words of encouragement to heart and found 20 seconds of courage. So Laura, thank you for motivating me! I owe you!! 

It will be an intimate wedding on the beach in September. I am so excited and nervous at the same time…I can’t see straight. All I have been doing when not doing everything else, is mulling over wedding photography books, websites and scoping out lenses. I am forever indebted to Miss T.R. for giving me my first shot in the big leagues!!! I’m gonna make you proud girl!!!

So of course I am obsessed with lenses now! And toying with my business name…

Angie Spranger Photography

Angela Spranger Photography

Spranger Photography…

Cecilia likes Angie Spranger Photography…

Just for a second, I would like to focus on her flexibility…it is astounding!

Love this little girl! Her personality is really coming out now. She always gets this look of wild anticipation when daddy comes near…he usually attacks her with his scruffy face giving her kisses and zerberts. Oh she just giggles…the good kind of giggle. Right from the gut. 10 months is right around the corner.
so hard to believe almost a year has gone by.

Sweet Phoebe June melted into the ground today when I made her come outside. All she wants to do is lay down on the couch with her blankie, ice water, baby giraffe by her head and Abby’s blanket on her little legs. Or she just wants me to hold her. Personally I would love to hold her all day long, nap with her, rub her little back and belly. Eventually she has to get up because our body heat might cause us to spontaneously combust.

Naturally, we were not outside for very long.

luckily, Abby and C Turtle are on the upswing. Which is nice. I am excited for the weekend and hope it gives everyone the extra sleep and energy they need to make a full recovery.

This afternoon, Abby was outside playing with Bear. When she saw me bring Phoebe down from nap, she tried to convince her to come outside. Phoebe was definitely NOT interested. Abby got so mad. She had a melt down. As I changed Phoebe’s diaper on the floor, we both watched Abby’s collapse. We were shocked and all I could think was, “shit, she must be really hot right now” and “I wonder if this takes the place of trying to run her energy out at the park or beach?”

Either way, I went outside to see how Hyde was doing…when I asked her what was wrong, she replied,”I want to play with someone that’s human”. She threw her arms on the ground and in my head I heard the beginning of The Killers’ song All these things that I’ve done. She’s got soul but she’s not a soldier, she’s got soul but she’s not a soldier


I had to turn away to hide my laughter. She just wanted to play with a human for crying out loud! Is that too much to ask? Very reasonable.

I now think I am ready to let her go to Kindergarten.

I love life.

7 thoughts on “SIXTY-ONE…she’s got soul but she’s not a soldier

      • Kathy, I am such a dope! I just re-read your comment. I thought you originally wrote “you’ve moved yet again”. Which would have been funny…considering we have moved a lot in the past 8 years. But of course, that’s not what you said.

        Thank you for your kind words! You are always filled with positive energy and I have always admired that about you!!

    • Thanks Saint SAHM! Glad to know we aren’t the only ones. I’m tired of seeing those bright yellow walls and the blue aquarium with 3 fishies while we sit in the waiting room.

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