SIXTY…hey where’d the sun go???

It’s cloudy in paradise.

My turtle is sick. Allergies have taken over so she is constantly fighting a runny nose, cough and watery eyes.

Abby stands by the door watching to see if any of her friends are roaming the neighborhood. Yesterday, I caught her in the pantry collecting paper plates. When I asked her what she was doing she said, “I am getting snacks ready for my friends when they come over.” I walked outside where she had lined up her 2 scooters, bicycle, Phoebe’s toddler tricycle and the umbrella stroller on the driveway lest someone feel left out. This child needs social interaction like I need water…

Then there’s Phoebe. I think she might be left handed…I put her crayon in her right hand the other day and carefully wrapped her fingers around it and she immediately switched the crayon from her right hand to her left. When she throws, she uses her left hand and I am not even gonna forget this child’s favorite activity of eating yummy treats…when shovelling the yummies into her mouth she is doing so with her left hand. She is doing so many cute things right now. She really takes her time making sure she is putting her shirt on correctly. Her head is the first to go through, then she locates the armholes and holds it open until she puts her arm through and then follows with the other side. So patient and specific with those arm holes.

Most days, if it weren’t for overflowing laundry baskets, sand on the floor and a sink full of dirty dishes or an empty refrigerator, I would be content to just sit and watch each of them.

Sweet Abby came inside from playing with her friend this afternoon in tears. She said her friend was mean to her and wanted me to go talk to her friends mother, so her mom could ‘make’ her play with Abby. Of course. Makes perfect sense. I sat her down and scratched her back, folded her hair behind her ear and wiped her little tears away. I told her the girl she wants to play with is 4.5 years older and doesn’t always want to play with her. When I asked her what her friend did that was “mean”, she broke down and said she didn’t want to play with me. Part of me wanted to laugh, and forgive me for sounding mean, but I know that feeling all to well. If my brothers or sister brought home a friend, I wanted to be included in everything that was going on. They were nice and played for half an hour and then it was time for them to have time to themselves. I could never understand that. I met my young self this afternoon. I love youth and innocence. And I am thankful she has chosen an awesome girl to be so excited about!!!

There was a line in the movie “Lost in Translation” where Bill Murray’s character is explaining to Scarlet Johansson’s character that when you have children, they end up being the most fascinating people you will ever meet. I identify with that sentiment…at least most days.

Right now at this very moment I have one nursing infant, a full-on toddler with tantrums ‘n all, and a kid in my house. My house is always messy, fingerprints are always on our sliding glass doors, we are constantly low in stock in almost everything in the refrigerator/pantry, crayons and blocks are always lurking in corners, my voice is hoarse from saying ‘no’ ‘stop’ ‘please don’t hit your sister’ ‘you need to share’, and I randomly find wet diapers in route to the trash can but for whatever reason never quite made it and there are bags underneath my eyes from the lack of sleep I am getting.

The days are starting to fly by…I woke up yesterday morning and the next thing I knew, I was prepping my turtles food for dinner. We have officially been in paradise now for 2 months. And I am in shock and awe to find that the sun does not always shine…and that it is not always super hot outside. I miss the heat and the sun. Who would have thought I would ever utter those words. It’s true. Where did that sun go???

3 thoughts on “SIXTY…hey where’d the sun go???

  1. You have perfectly captured the irony of living in Paradise, where the lawn still needs to be mowed, laundry still must be done and dishes don’t do themselves. Sand getting in everything is quaint until you have to deal with it every day. And the weather is actually capable of being crummy once in awhile. But, still, the privilege of living here trumps constantly yearning for it, even during hurricane season. The sun WILL come out…

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