FIFTY-NINE…a minute to freak out

It’s official

Kindergarten is 3 months away

Abby and I went to Kindergarten orientation today

Of course I am going through some sort of empty nest thing where I am going to have to let go of a dream. I wanted to home school so we could have the freedom to travel, make learning personal and fun, and possibly take learning to a whole new level, dive in deeper to subjects she is interested in. When I was in Elementary school I was fascinated with Joan of Arc. If Abby became interested in a subject, I always thought we could make it a wholistic experience and let the subject of her interest bleed into all subjects. I had plans for social responsible activites and sports programs with the local sports teams.

But here we are…one size fits all curriculums and education.

I am excited for her. She is excited and wants to go to Kindergarten.

Abby and I were standing in the office waiting to register and two little girls came into the office. One little girl was in tears because she forgot her gym shoes and she couldn’t get her ballet flats off her feet. I wanted to give her a hug and talk to her about it. But instead she received a 5-minute lecture on how ‘Monday’s are gym days. It’s been this way all year long. You know to bring your gym shoes on Monday’s. You’ll have to wear generic shoes (stashed in the office) because you forgot yours.’ This little girl could not be consoled. It broke my heart. Up until then, everything had gone fine…the tour of the school was nice, the Vice Principal, the teachers as well as the mom’s and dad’s I met were very nice.

When I told Greg about it he reminded me of a book he read a while ago, written by Tim Russert. In this book he talks about how we are fighting our children’s battles…shielding them from important opportunities they need and deserve to experience in order to grow and thrive as a person. I think my own mom did a great job of balancing which battles I needed to fight on my own versus stepping in and helping me when the situation was too big for me to handle. I would also say the same for Greg.

So now it’s our turn to be the parents.

No pressure though…

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “FIFTY-NINE…a minute to freak out

  1. We homeschooled until 3 years ago. It was a great experience, but there came a season for our family’s development for public schooling. The latter has not precluded our children from experimenting with and building their own pond, garden, blacksmith shop, aeronautical airstrip and any number of their creative pursuits. We joke that they go to public school by day, Montessori by night. They are going to be what God wills – our job is to provide them with a multitude of experiences and guide them in Him…He will take care of the rest. Rest in Him, dear friend! 😀

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