FIFTY-EIGHT…Nana’s in town and Ceci’s gettin’ down

My mother came into town for a quick visit and while she was here…

Turtle had a mini-birthday celebration to commemorate her 9th month of life

It was glorious

I got to leave early in the morning to take pictures at the beach

answer emails

look at magazines

Have two date nights with my wonderful husband

try my hand at skim boarding with Gregory Kenneth

register our vehicle in the sunny state of Florida

and take Miss Abby to her Kindergarten Physical

I am refreshed and tired all at the same time.

There’s nothing quite like having my mom here to remind me how insane my life must look to a normal healthy sane individual. I was walking my mom upstairs to show her our house and I closed the door to my bedroom because there was a ridiculous pile of CLEAN clothes waiting by my unmade dishevelled bed, her 9 month old grandchild was in her  crib trying to flip over to grab a toy but she kept crashing into the wall of her crib which consequently knocked her back onto her belly, her 2-year-old granddaughter was running around the house with a dress on…one half of her hair in pigtails and the other half down with poop oozing out of her diaper, and her 5-year-old granddaughter having a meltdown because her 2-year-old sister took her doll while she was getting dressed in a princess outfit for Nana. As I rounded the corner I noticed my ponytail was now cock-eyed and looked extremely silly and Greg’s hair was all sorts of bushy. We are a mess. My poor mother. All she kept saying was, “you take a break, I will fold your laundry, let me take you out to eat, you all go out, take some time for yourself.” I feel like an insane person 65% of the time, but when my mom is here, I feel like an insane person 100% of the time.

About a week ago, I went to a parent/toddler play group and met some pretty awesome moms there. I was excited and went home with a couple of phone numbers. One friend I called to see if she and her beautiful little girl wanted to get together for a play date. She seemed interested and we played phone tag for a day. It was my turn to call and I had just listened to her message and was driving around with Abby looking for a veterinarian office. So as I was aimlessly driving around looking for the first ‘vets’ office that didn’t scare me, I made the call and like usual got the voice mail. I am just rambling on and on making no sense what-so-ever, when I heard myself say,’I am excited to see if we are going to be friends…” ??? WTH?!?! Who says that? I do. It’s official, I am a D.O.R.K.! Naturally, I have not heard back from her.

SO, it’s me and my 3 shadows once again

And of course Turtles’ 9 month check-up goes something like this, and I quote,

“she’s beautiful



a little behind in gross motor area” (no commando crawling just yet) but we are working on that. Thank you Mr. Dan for your recommendation for a Pediatrician! She is easing the transition from our Beloved Dr. Moss to our wonderful new team of Dr.’s, Specialists and Therapists!!!

As always, Miss Turtle rocks…and we are still in a fog about her 9 month age. It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.

2 thoughts on “FIFTY-EIGHT…Nana’s in town and Ceci’s gettin’ down

  1. what a lovely chapter..i am so happy your mom came to visit..laundry will always be there but those special times won’t so keep doing what uour doing..

  2. The vehicle registration/driver’s license in the new state kinda makes it all official – big step – big fun! I nominate that last picture to be submitted to NDSS for their big Times Square video for DS Awareness Month! Daddy looks so proud, and she is so adorable!

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